Ackermans account application online

The process of opening an Ackermans account can be facilitated smoothly, contingent upon the availability of all the necessary information.

Commencing the process of applying for an Ackermans account online offers convenience as it eliminates the need to allocate time and potentially incur expenses associated with visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

In addition, it is crucial to possess knowledge of the Ackermans bank account number as well as supplementary facts, including the balance, WhatsApp number, and email address, in order to facilitate payment arrangements. The specifics are delineated in this article.

Ackermans account application online

To initiate the online application process for an Ackermans account, individuals are advised to access the designated application webpage and select the “Proceed” button located under the “Get an Ackermans Account” section. Please ensure that you provide all the necessary information and carefully follow the instructions provided in order to successfully complete your registration process.

In addition to your given and family names, it is necessary to furnish the subsequent particulars:

The South African identification number is a unique numerical identifier assigned to individuals in South Africa for the purpose of identification and record-keeping.
Please provide your mobile number to receive SMS updates.
Verification of income is required, typically consisting of the most recent three months’ payslips, bank statements, or official documents from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) for individuals receiving social handouts. In situations where domestic workers lack payslips or bank documents, they may alternatively furnish an employment confirmation form as a means of validating their job.
In the event that one is married under the legal framework of community property, it may be necessary to obtain the consent of one’s spouse.

The online platform will provide the functionality to upload these documents. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have previously saved them on your device prior to commencing your application. In addition, it is possible to submit the items by either delivering them in person at the nearest Ackermans shop or by sending them via email to

In the event that online application is not feasible, individuals have the option to submit their application in person at any Ackermans shop. In addition, it is possible to transmit a Short Message Service (SMS) to the designated number 34413, incurring a monetary charge of R2. Please rephrase the text message in an academic manner. Please provide your full name, surname, RSA ID number, and gross monthly income.

In both in-store and SMS applications, a customer care agent from Ackermans will contact you in order to facilitate the processing of your application. If the user fails to answer their call, they have the option to initiate a return call by dialling 0860 900 100.

The agent will necessitate further information from you:
Please provide a breakdown of your income and spending.
In the event of marriage under the community property regime, the requirement of obtaining spousal authorization arises.
Please provide the name and contact number of your employer.
Please provide the contact information of two individuals who do not reside at your current place of residence.
The duration of the application process ranges from 48 to 72 hours, contingent upon the accuracy of the submitted documentation. Upon approval of your account, you will be sent with a reference number by SMS. Upon receiving the reference number, users will be able to activate their accounts, granting them quick access to begin shopping.

Ackermans application and the balance of the associated account:

The status of an Ackermans account application and the associated account balance can be conveniently accessed by utilizing a USSD code on a mobile device. To initiate the desired action, please enter the code *130*602# into your device and proceed by following the instructions provided. The USSD code can be used to inquire about one’s account balance, installment amount, or to request an increase in the credit limit.

Please provide the account number associated with Ackermans for the purpose of making payments.

Multiple payment methods are available for settling one’s monthly Ackermans account cost, encompassing in-store transactions, online payments facilitated through the Ozow instant electronic funds transfer (EFT) system, as well as mobile banking applications and internet-based banking services.

When utilizing mobile banking applications or engaging in internet or online banking, it should be noted that Ackermans is a preloaded and pre-approved beneficiary. To locate Tenacity Financial Services, please conduct a search within the designated beneficiary field. The bank account number details of the Ackermans will be presented in the following manner:

The financial institution under consideration is Standard Bank.
The account in question is registered under the name “Tenacity Financial Services” and is associated with the account number 070336342.
Account Type: Current/Cheque Account Account The branch number associated with this account is 051001.
Citation identifier: The 16-digit numerical code associated with your shop card
If you desire to make payment by a monthly debit order, please send an email to stating your request. Subsequently, the pertinent forms will be forwarded to you for completion.

The contact information for Ackermans’ WhatsApp number

The designated WhatsApp contact number for Ackermans is 0860 900 100. To initiate a series of actions on your WhatsApp account, it is recommended to save the desired contact information on your mobile device. Subsequently, access the contact within the WhatsApp application and proceed to send a greeting message, such as “Hi.” This will serve as the trigger for executing a range of operations on your account.

The following actions can be performed with the WhatsApp application:

Please provide the necessary supplementary materials.
Please verify the current status of the application.
Please verify the current balance of the account.
The modification of a credit limit.
I kindly request a callback from a representative.
Engage in a live conversation with a representative to discuss payment plans or commitments pertaining to Ackermans.

Ackermans payment arrangements or commitment

In the event that one is unable to fulfill the payment obligations within the stipulated timeframe, it is imperative to promptly initiate communication with Ackermans. The contact information for initiating communication with Tenacity Inc. is available through two channels. Firstly, individuals can reach out via email by sending a message to Alternatively, individuals can make contact by contacting their Card Collections department at the following numbers: 0860 992 222 for callers inside South Africa, and +27 (0)21 928 1080 for international callers.

Users have the option to establish a payment arrangement or commitment, which may be conveniently done through the online “Promise to Pay” (PTP) webpage or over WhatsApp.

It is evident that the process of opening an Ackermans account is straightforward, contingent upon the possession of all the necessary information. For further details, please go to their official website at this location.

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