AIG Insurance

AIG Insurance is one of the prominent role players in the South African insurance market.  The operation of AIG Insurance South Africa dates way back to 1962. With this long track record and history it has allowed the company to have many branches nationwide. AIG also operates internationally and is celebrated by industry counterparts internationally as it offers its services and tailor made products to more than 130 countries.

Services and Benefits

AIG has a very broad spectrum of products that are based personal and commercial needs of the individual or institution. Below are types of products on offer by AIG:

Comprehensive Car Insurance is positioned to cover motor vehicle from accidents, car theft and fire. The Car Insurance is designed to pay for car repairs, damage on the vehicle or a vehicle that is stolen. The insurance also covers accident related medical bills or legal fees that are attached to the vehicle.

Motor Accident Plus Cover warrants the client from vehicle related accidents, and also provides from fatal accidents that lead to death. It also covers daily hospital costs related to the accident by vehicle, permanent disability as a result of an accident is also covered. The cover has an advantage of 50% increase if you had the seat belt on you at the time of the accident. Another benefit of this cover is that no medical test or lengthy questions come with it. Plus the cover is tax free.

Hospital Cash Plan is an advantageous plan as it pays up to R5 000 every day spent when hospitalized. However if one is interested in the Hospital Cash plan, you have to be aware that it is not a medical aid scheme, but a cash plan that pays out money when you are hospitalized for a period of time whether it be an accident or being terminally ill. The cash on hand can be employed for payment of medical expenditure or sustain a family while in hospital. There are no strings attached as to how to use the money.

Family Protection Plan provides for the family when the bread winner or provider is not in a position to carry out their family responsibility due to an accident or death. The installment every month is R100 and it is a start, with this you get R200 000 cover to R1 million in the case of death or disability that is permanent.

For extra information and insurance related products that AIG has on offer, do go online to their website. You can even reach them by phone, alternatively you can go to any of the many AIG branches for detailed inquiry. AIG Insurance is the best partner in the world of insurance. They work fast to process claims.

AIG Insurance Contact Details

For extra details on AIG products and services on offer you can go to the website or calling their offices on Tel:  011 551 8000 or 086 148 8864, and see how much cover you can get.

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