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Getting business finance in the current climate can prove difficult. The economy is in a recession and banks have near impossible requirements to access a credit lifeline. Businesses are confronted with challenges of cash flows due to the economy shrinking. All these are business cycles. The economy grows and then contracts, a recession will not last forever. There is growth on the other side of the contraction. Actually it’s a good time to expand business when you have a vision that can be carried out during such times. Trancend capital is once company that offers business finance for companies to have cash flow and provide capital injection. Not only are businesses facing hard times. The consumer on the street has to count every cent and make sure ends meet and have enough for the month. The company also provides loans for individuals.


Trancend Capital is a credit marketing agency with a function of offering financial services to companies and private individuals. It has been in existence for more than 5 years. The company has partnerships that aid the credit consumer and businesses. So if you are looking at rough situations and need cash you can trust Trancend Capital to offer you loans that competitively priced. The company has been successful in providing capital injection and private funding through the years.


SA Credit Act 2005 is the guideline that the credit marketer adheres to, also the Partner Network. Private lending can go up to R20 000, while business lending can reach R50 000.

With a wide variety of partnerships, Trancend Capital offers the following:

  • Start-up Capital
  • Business expansion funds
  • Business Funding & Insurance
  • Medical Aid, Short term Insurance
  • Private Financing
  • Medical Aid and Insurance
  • Medical Gap Cover Insurance
  • Short Term Insurance

Comprehensive Financial solutions under the umbrella vary. You can choose any option to finance your needs. You can use the loan for basic things like medical costs to more serious things like paying for home renovations, university tuition.

If you want a Home or Personal Loans, you can have professional assistance through accredited partnerships to help you get lowest interest rates and affordable terms. 


All applications are done online. You will be covered in case of death or permanent or temporary disability.

You will be required to pay a once of registration fee of R200 upon your application.

For private funding you will need the following documentation with you. Please note that you must be working and earn enough to afford the loan.

  • A  legit working cell phone number
  • A South African ID number certified 
  • Banking details, Account where your salary is deposited into
  • Last three months bank statements
  • Produce the Latest pay slips
  • Produce a proof of residential address

For Business Funding you will need:

  • Company registration or CK1
  • Business Address
  • Banking Account
  • Cash flows and future projections
  • Up to date financial statements.

Remember you can get as much as R50 000 for your business. For more information you can visit the website of Trancend Capital.


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