Best Financial and Budgeting Apps

If you’re not up to standing in lines at the bank (especially in light of an on-going pandemic), then there’s a way of monitoring and handling your finances from the comfort of your home or while you’re on the go by means of personal finance apps.

Remaining aware of your personal finances is one of the most integral parts to achieving financial stability. Most financial institutions have acclimatised from the move away from conventional banking operations to those in line with recent technological advances. As such, personal finance applications have become the one of the most convenient means of accessing information and/or completing transactions which would have normally required one to visit a branch of their service provider. However, these apps must be efficient in terms of being able to complete the necessary banking requirements of the user, but also be sufficiently encrypted so as to protect personal information. The latter is especially important due the increasing incidence of cyber threats and financial crimes. Therefore, this article will highlight some of the best apps that will assist you in conducting your financial businesses in a way that provides the necessary security and peace of mind.


This wonderful budget app can be used on both iPhone and Android phones and allows you to track your spending in relation to your budget. If you have a tendency to overspend, this smart little app can be set up to prevent you from doing so. It also has a built-in function that allows you to sync your budget across all of your devices so that you have a real handle on your family’s finances. It also helps you stay on track (and stay accountable) when it comes to your saving goals.

Mint (iPhone)

Finance tracking app – Tracking every single rand spent is not easy, but that’s where this helpful app steps in: Mint draws data from your different accounts, tracks your spending, and assists you in setting up a budget based on actual figures. This app allows you to conveniently manage your money from one centralised dashboard. More so, it can also act as a credit tool in that it can pull your credit score and tell you how to improve it. Mint also shows you exactly how one’s spending decisions affect the money you have at the end of the month or year

Wallet (iPhone)

Wallet app is a handy iPhone-based app that allows you to store your credit cards, virtual loyalty cards, vouchers, tickets, boarding passes (etc.) in one place. The virtual cards saved to Wallet hold vital information such as your seat number for a movie, or what a voucher will entitle you to and when it expires. With Wallet you never have to worry about leaving a physical card or coupon at home, because if you have your phone on you, you’re covered. Let’s not forget all those loyalty cards so no need to carry another wallet or have them get lost. The app allow you to add as many cards as you’d like and also informs you when your promotions or coupons are nearing its expiration date. Bring the best of yester-year and tomorrow together by linking your wallet app to your bank and financial institutions.

Stocard (Android)

Stocard was originally Android’s answer to the iPhone’s Wallet. Both of these apps allow you to store virtual cards, in this case specifically loyalty or rewards cards, without having to carry a physical card in your wallet. With the easy access to loyalty cards at any time, users are able to save on certain items – savings which can add up to considerable amounts. To store a loyalty card, you can either scan a barcode or enter it manually.

22seven (Android and iPhone)

Like Mint, this ingenious finance app pulls data for all your accounts into one place. From bank accounts to credit cards, store accounts to loans and even rewards – 22seven has the ability to track what you have, what you owe and what you can borrow. But this app does more than give you an overview of your finances. It also allows you to create and track a budget, and even enables users to invest in Old Mutual funds. If you want the ultimate finance and budget app, this is it.

Take charge and enjoy the ease of handling your finances in way that is futuristic, but simply enough as downloading these apps.

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