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Have you ever had to put through a claim whether it was for vehicle insurance, a funeral cover claim or maybe you were just waiting for a pay-out from your previous employer but boy oh boy was the wait long! Turn to Marlin Bridging Finance in the interim.  It can be extremely frustrating having to wait for a lump sum of money to be deposited in your name leaving you with no choice but to dig into your savings and even maybe having to ask friends and relatives to assist with the costs of an urgent situation in need of financial resolve. The frustration that you face is exactly what Marlin Bridging Finance wants to eliminate. Sounds good? Keep reading.

Marlin Bridging Finance is a national bridging finance services institution. The company specializes in bridging loans for anyone who is in the waiting process of a lump sum pension, provident, package pay outs or property proceeds. The company’s head office is based in Cape Town with branches all across South Africa.

Services and Products

Bridging Finance Loans

The company offers a bridging loan to its clients who are awaiting a minimum lump sum of R20 000. You can get a bridging loan of R2 000 and up to R32 000 depending on your affordability. The people who usually apply for a bridging loan are:

  • Those who have submitted any death claims.
  • Those who have submitted disability claims.
  • Those who have been dismissed from work.
  • Those who are going through a divorce.
  • Those who are waiting for an investment to pay out.
  • Anyone waiting for a policy pay out.
  • Anyone who has resigned and is waiting for their pension pay out.
  • Anyone waiting for their retirement annuities.
  • Anyone who has been retrenched from work.

The interest rates that you can expect from the company are regulated by the National Credit Act and are as follows:

  • Short term: Transactions are 5% interest per month.
  • Unsecured: Transactions are 35.4% per annum or 2.95% per month.
  • Service Fee: R50 per month + VAT= R57 per month.
  • Initiation Fee: R150 on the first R100 capital + 10% on the total capital above R1 000. To a maximum fee of R1 000 + VAT = R1 140.

Property Bridging Finance

The company also assists anyone who has sold their property, anyone who is switching bonds, anyone who is furthering their bond or anyone who is waiting on agent commission. With Marlin Bridging Finance  the money due to you can be advanced and in order to be assisted with this; you must have funds from a property sale or transaction due to you. You can get up to 80% of the proceeds advance to you.

Benefits of Marlin Bridging Finance

  • Simple and quick online application.
  • The loan amount when approved will be directly deposited in your bank account.
  • You can choose the loan amount that you want.
  • The payment period will be based according to the loan amount granted to you.

The company is your helping hand to ensure that you have the funds that you need to keep you afloat as you wait on your lump sum. Contact them today and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

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