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About Mattfin Mortgage Financial Restructuring

Falling behind on your financial obligations can be extremely frustrating especially when you had initially planned out your budget for the month but we all know that things don’t always go according to plan. Mattfin Mortgage Financial Restructuring understands this. The increase in prices of food and petrol can really dig into your budget leaving it beaten and battered. This is not a unique incident. Many South African’s face financial challenges on a monthly basis and the economy is not really doing much to alleviate the pressure. So if you like many others are struggling to pay off your credit cards and retail credit to pay off on top of an unexpected financial emergency, not to mention the bond and monthly groceries; you can turn to the company for your financial alleviation.

Mattfin Mortgage Financial Restructuring is a very unique financial services company in that it offers its client financial restructuring through their home loans. So if you own a home; your home could actually be your saving grace. They can ensure that you are on your way to financial freedom within the short time of 48 hours. We have all heard that property is a great investment. Well it wasn’t a lie. The price of property does not depreciate like that of car; instead it appreciates. That means that your house could be worth much more than what you purchased it for. With the help of the financial institution you can apply for a “new” bond that can help you with your finances significantly and will free up your cash flow.

Services and Products

Debt Consolidation

A debt consolidation loan is a loan that pays off all your debt. It puts your debt under one account making it easier to manage and pay off because you’ll only be dealing with one interest rate which is usually lower than all the interest that you pay off on all the debt from the numerous accounts.

What this company does is even better than you paying off a debt account on a month to month basis. What they do is establish the difference between the value of your property and the existing bank bond. The difference found will be the one to pay off all your debt and give you financial ease. This strategic process takes up to 12 months and ensures that you qualify for a new bond and your cash flow will definitely improve.

Bond Origination

The company goes out of its way to ensure the credit sufficiency of anyone looking to purchase a home. What you as a home buyer will get is assistance with the application for a home bond when purchasing a new home.

Benefits from Mattfin Mortgage Financial Restructuring

  • As a client you will have the full knowledge of your credit health through the company’s credit analysis service for all their clients.
  • The company will provide you with solutions that are unique to your situation on how to improve your credit health.
  • You have access to their budget assistance advice to assist you in managing your money better.
  • The company won’t dismiss you if you have any judgments against you; they will apply on your behalf for any judgments to be rescinded.
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