Sending money to Zimbabwe

Are you a Zimbabwean living and working in South Africa? Have you found it difficult to send money to loved ones across the border? It’s now possible.

Over the years there has been number of Zimbabweans working as professionals in South Africa and day time laborers. The idea of giving someone or friend hard earned money to carry it across the border is scary. Work is usually far from Limpopo and is in big cities like Cape Town, Durban and who can forget Johannesburg. Traveling back is something that is not practical as it does not make sense to spend so much on transportation. The hours of travel too are too much. It can be an inconvenience.

This article will share with you some of the ways you can send money without having to deal with complications. The method is technologically based. It is innovative and offers convenience for the sender and receiver as well. The platform was designed to take care of the problem associated with difficulties of sending money across the borders of South Africa.

Your loved ones do not have to worry anymore. The service is fast, reliant and very safe. You can use it as much as you wish. The transaction fees are low. This is done so that you can send more to the family you love.

You will need to have your personal information and documentation with you. This is done for the sake of safety and so that you can send the receiver the reference code and number. You will also need to provide information on the recipients of the cash.

This service takes out the hustles and worries of lost money or money that does not get to the person it intended.
Sending money to Zimbabwe has never been easier! You can transfer cash instantly for your recipient to collect. You can also send money directly into their Zimbabwean bank account.

Easy, secure and convenient ways to send money to Zimbabwe:

  • Place orders via USSD by dialing *130*567# or online on our mobi site 24/7.
  • Send money into any bank account in Zimbabwe. EFT bank to bank transfers are safe and secure and are paid directly into beneficiaries’ bank accounts in Zimbabwe within 3 working days.
  • USD for instant cash collection at our cash stops and trusted partners over the counter.
  • Send Money directly to your recipients Ecocash accounts.
  • Send money directly onto your recipients CABS Textacash card.
  • We offer very competitive exchange rates and low fees so your loved ones receive more of your money.

Simply place your order with through the Call Centre, USSD or Mukuru App and pay using your South African bank account or through partners in store like Pick n Pay, Shoprite etc.

This platform is a very effective way to transact and send cash; it is also very convenient and will provide you with a peace of mind. The platform has been used by thousands and has assisted in successful money transfers. This will help you maintain your family and loved ones over the border.

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