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Credit Money is a finance information and loans reviews website. Over the years South Africans have been getting information from questionable sources on loans and credit repayments. Our site is meant to isolate the bad from the good. The information is meant to be helpful. As you know that the nation has been going through a stagnant economy. It can be easy for loan sharks to offer services online and offline that may end up in you being blacklisted and your credit record will be marred.

When time is limited it is best to go to a website that offers information on micro loans and service providers that have a good reputation. The website gives you in depth review and professional opinion on different type of loans. An advice on loans that will best suit your pocket. Also gives you professional opinion on the pitfalls to avoid when accessing a loan. The site provides information on good deals on offer by micro credit lenders. Credit Money does all this for you, so that don’t get be burnt due to a lack of experience. The site does reviews on micro credit options available in the South African market. It also works with a stable of trusted credit lenders.

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