TymeBank credit card application and solutions

TymeBank CreditCard

It’s simpler than ever to earn your rewards, cash flow, and glitz with a TymeBank CreditCard. You can qualify for a TymeBank CreditCard if you are at least 18 years old, a South African citizen, and make more than R3,000 per month in income.

You deserve praise for successfully juggling your family’s requirements with those of your budget.

With your TymeBank CreditCard, you may make cash withdrawals at any ATM (for a charge) and make purchases anywhere, including online. With regular, on-time payments, you may enjoy interest-free financing for up to 55 days.

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How does an FNB credit card work

FNB Credit Cards

So you’ve finally decided to get yourself a credit card; who can blame you? A credit card will open a world of new possibilities for your financial lifestyle. A credit card can bring a large variety of benefits to create convenience in your life and to give you rewards to add experiences that are reserved specifically for you to enjoy whenever you use your credit card. FNB has developed a variety of credit cards that you can choose from according to your profile and the one that suits you best. With a credit card from FNB you are sure to have a wealth of financial benefits dedicated to you.

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Virgin Money Credit Card

virgin money credit card

Getting a credit card is a great step to take and not only does it come with a host of financial convenience; but it comes jam packed with opportunities and benefits that you would have otherwise not been exposed to. The Virgin Money credit card is a credit card from Virgin that is made to enhance your spending habits and give you great value for your money just like all things Virgin. The credit card puts you at the frontline of all your financial decisions making sure that you have control over every little detail that comes with the credit card.

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VISA Credit Cards

visa credit cards

A credit card is something that you may be thinking of getting but you may be a tad bit apprehensive. That’s pretty normal after all everyone should make sound financial decisions that will benefit them in the long run. A VISA Credit Card comes with a number of benefits created to make your financial endeavours easier and much more convenient for your peace of mind. You will get a wealth of services and benefits made available to you with just one click. If you are in the market for a new credit card then look no further than VISA.

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Standard Bank Credit Cards

standard bank credit card

A credit card can be considered as an investment for your spending habits. Think about it this way; you can track and control all the spending that you do when using a credit card. Not only will you be able to control your spending habits but you will also be rewarded with some of the best benefits and incentives for simply spending your money. You can capitalise on your rewards and at times have an entire shopping spend pay for itself. Now isn’t that great value for your money? Standard Bank has a variety of credit cards that are available to you and you can choose the one that best suits your personality and your lifestyle.

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Nedbank Credit Cards


Nedbank Greenbacks Credit Card

This credit card rewards you every time you use it to pay for your goods. With this credit card you have the opportunity to earn Greenbacks on all of your eligible spending. The card comes with two cards that are linked to one account which means that you have twice the opportunity of earning greenbacks for every R5 that you spend with the Nedback Greenbacks American Express credit card. You can spend your Greenbacks on a wide variety of rewards such as investments, charity donations, convert your Greenbacks into cash and spend it on your heart’s desire. With this great credit card you can save up to 30% on flights and accommodation.

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Discovery Credit Card

discovery health credit card

Discovery is known for promoting good healthy living and for giving their clients rewards for being ambassadors of healthy and responsible living in their own right. Not only does Discovery offer a wide range of insurance and medical aid but they also offer their clients the Discovery credit card that was designed to make your financial life more convenient with fantastic rewards that you can earn for using your Discovery credit card whenever you shop. A credit card can open a wealth of financial benefits for you and have you looking at your spending life a little differently because from every swipe you make the more rewards and benefits are headed your way.

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Capitec Credit Card

Capitec Credit Card

Getting a credit card can be a very good idea because you can do so much on it. You can shop here, there and everywhere making your life that much easier and making sure that you get what you need when you need it and both time and frustration will be at bay. With so many banks and other financial institutions offering different types of credit cards; it may be a bit daunting to make a choice of getting a credit card after all you want to make sure that you’ll be getting great innovative service and peace of mind when using the credit card. Capitec offers you just that; a credit card that will take care of all your banking practices.

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Clicks Credit Card

clicks credit card

Health and Beauty powerhouse Clicks, has just launched a branded credit card as part of its thriving Clicks ClubCard loyalty programme. The CEO of Clicks Holdings believes that the Clicks branded credit card is a great add on to the to the ClubCard programme. The CEO further explained that they would be using existing loyalty to launch credit and not through the traditional set up where credit is used to leverage customer loyalty. All who have a ClicksClub card know that the Clicks ClubCard gives you rewards through earned points which are then translated into cash-back vouchers which can be used for any products within Clicks.

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