How does an FNB credit card work

So you’ve finally decided to get yourself a credit card; who can blame you? A credit card will open a world of new possibilities for your financial lifestyle. A credit card can bring a large variety of benefits to create convenience in your life and to give you rewards to add experiences that are reserved specifically for you to enjoy whenever you use your credit card. FNB has developed a variety of credit cards that you can choose from according to your profile and the one that suits you best. With a credit card from FNB you are sure to have a wealth of financial benefits dedicated to you.

fnb credit card options

FNB Credit Card – Gold

Get more value added benefits with a Gold credit card from FNB and enjoy the great perks and benefits that will have you covered to enjoy your new found financial bliss. You will enjoy automatic debt protection as well as free comprehensive global travel insurance so that you are covered in all your travels no matter where you travel. Enjoy free AA emergency roadside assistance with a linked petro card; so should you find yourself helpless on the road; you will be attended to.

  • You can earn as much as 1.5% back in eBucks when you shop in store or online.
  • You can earn up to 15% back in eBucks on FNB Life, FNB connect contracts, airtime or when you shop at Checkers or Shoprite.
  • Use Uber domestically and earn up to 15% in eBucks.
  • When using your Gold credit card at Engen you can earn R4 in eBucks.

FNB Credit Card – Premier
The Premier credit card from FNB offers great benefits for its clients so that your life can be little less stressful. Get access to your very own team of Premier Bankers. Enjoy SLOW airport lounge access and get comprehensive global travel insurance for all your travel trips around the world. You will have access to AA roadside assistance with a linked petro card and you will have automatic debt protection added for you.

  • When shopping in store or online you can earn up to 2% in eBucks.
  • You can earn 15% in eBucks on FNB Life, FNB contracts, airtime or when shopping at Checkers or Shoprite.
  • Use Uber domestically and earn up to 15% in eBucks.
  • When using your Gold credit card at Engen you can earn R4 in eBucks.

FNB Credit Cards – Private Clients

Private credit card holders enjoy a luxury of benefits that are tailor-made exclusively to their successful lifestyles. You can earn eBucks on all your purchases and have your very own lifestyle assistant dedicated to making your financial life an exciting one. You can maximise all the eBucks that you earn.

Private Wealth

The Private wealth credit card will give you the opportunity to experience eBucks lifestyle. You’ll get assistance when you need to pick out a gift, obtain event tickets, book flights and accommodation, Avis point to point transfers and complimentary priority pass membership.

Petro Card

The FNB petro card automatically gives you AA emergency roadside assistance to ensure that you are safe and well back on the road. You’ll get flat tyre and battery assistance and be safe as you wait for assistance with Stand By You. Enjoy out of fuel provision to a maximum of 10 litres.

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