Top investment companies for the 2021/22 financial year

Understanding investments might seem daunting; however, with the correct knowledge base and patience you can position yourself amongst the elite.

The 2020/21 financial year was not the most memorial year for investors mainly due to the effect of the pandemic and the associated restrictions on commerce. As such, (potential) investors have become weary of the performance of the money in several asset classes (e.g., equities and mutual funds). Market volatility is a common occurrence and can have several consequences for present and future investments, both positive and negative. However, by understanding the purpose of your investment, the structure of your investment and the time horizon; you’re able to enjoy the good times and persevere through the worse.

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How to generate passive income in South Africa

How to generate passive income in SA

The ability to source an income beyond one’s day job has become a necessity during the 21st century. This has become even more crucial due to a fluctuating uncertainty around job loss in light of the on-going pandemic.

If you have dreams of elevating your current standard of living, paying off of debt or generating wealth then the following ideas could be ideal in propelling yourself to the next level towards achieving financial freedom.

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ValiG_ap Cash – Bridging Finance

ValiG_ap Cash is one of the few pioneering companies operating in the financial market sector. The brand is owned by Valigap (Pty) Ltd. Every day there is someone thinking of starting a small business. However financial limitations and restricts happens more often, new companies in South Africa have a challenge of funding. How can the country’s economy grow where there are no new businesses being formed? You can’t have capitalism without capital. ValiG_ap Cash has a strategic concentration on Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMME’s) to help with funds for business operations and ventures.

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Ace Cash Express

ace express loans

Ace Cash Express operates in the area of micro finance lending and functions as a month end or pay day loan provider. The loans on offer are designed to be affordable and it’s simple to access the loans, making credit to be there when necessary. Any individual urgently needing or wanting cash to meet short-term financial commitments Ace Cash Express loans can answer this need. To apply for the loan, all the person has to do is visit the website, and see how simple it is to acquire needed funds.

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