Bonitas Medical Aid application form 2019

Bonitas Medical Aid

Medical Aid is something that you need to consider for the benefit of your own health and that of your loved ones. Having a medical aid is simply a must because you never know when you might end up in hospital. Accidents happen all the time in South Africa and disease is rampant. When you need chronic medication and regular check-ups from the doctor because of a medical condition; then things will definitely be easier for you if you have a medical aid. Bonitas Medical Aid will give you access to doctor’s consultations and more. When there’s a flu or stomach bug dong the rounds you need not fret when you have Bonitas Medical Aid by your side.

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AIG Insurance

aig insurance

AIG Insurance is one of the prominent role players in the South African insurance market.  The operation of AIG Insurance South Africa dates way back to 1962. With this long track record and history it has allowed the company to have many branches nationwide. AIG also operates internationally and is celebrated by industry counterparts internationally as it offers its services and tailor made products to more than 130 countries.

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Discovery Credit Card

discovery health credit card

Discovery is known for promoting good healthy living and for giving their clients rewards for being ambassadors of healthy and responsible living in their own right. Not only does Discovery offer a wide range of insurance and medical aid but they also offer their clients the Discovery credit card that was designed to make your financial life more convenient with fantastic rewards that you can earn for using your Discovery credit card whenever you shop. A credit card can open a wealth of financial benefits for you and have you looking at your spending life a little differently because from every swipe you make the more rewards and benefits are headed your way.

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