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Health and Beauty powerhouse Clicks, has just launched a branded credit card as part of its thriving Clicks ClubCard loyalty programme. The CEO of Clicks Holdings believes that the Clicks branded credit card is a great add on to the to the ClubCard programme. The CEO further explained that they would be using existing loyalty to launch credit and not through the traditional set up where credit is used to leverage customer loyalty. All who have a ClicksClub card know that the Clicks ClubCard gives you rewards through earned points which are then translated into cash-back vouchers which can be used for any products within Clicks.

In just one year alone Clicks has rewarded Clicks ClubCard members with R100 million in cash back vouchers. With the use of the Clicks credit card, shoppers will be able to earn double points when they use their credit cards to purchase any Clicks products and they will receive ClubCard points for any other purchases. What Clicks is doing with the credit card is giving their shoppers the freedom to purchase outside of Clicks and with the points earned from shopping outside of Clicks; they will be converted into Clicks ClubCard points and will be a reward in the form of a cash-back voucher. The Clicks credit card will be accepted by over 112 000 retailers across the country because the Clicks credit card is a Visa affiliate.

With over ten years of operation in the country; the Clicks ClubCard is one of South Africa’s reputable loyalty programmes and has more than 2 million active members. At Clicks the largest portion of their turnover is generated through ClubCard members at a whopping 70%, this is a true reflection of the amount of loyalty from the customer base. The Clicks credit card will be administered under license of the FirstRand Bank Limited group. Clicks decided to affiliate themselves with the First Rand Limited group because they have extensive experience in managing some of the largest volumes of branded credit cards, they understand the construct of loyalty programmes and they have cutting edge technology to support the ClubCard point system.

Clicks want to generate incremental turnover growth. They plan on doing this through offering credit to their existing ClubCard holders first and foremost in order to strengthen customer loyalty. The Clicks credit card is not meant to replace the Clicks ClubCard however; shoppers will enjoy the exact same loyalty benefits and the usability of those rewards will be made available to the credit card users.

clicks credit card
clicks credit card

Before launching the Clicks branded credit card; Clicks Holdings ensured to conduct extensive research over the past six months to make sure that they understood the what the most appropriate form of credit was and to evaluate customer engagement. The most incredible element with the Clicks credit card is that it offers its users a tangible benefit in the amazing form of getting real cash back! Clicks is a well known and loved brand in South Africa and there is no doubt that this innovative step will flourish.

Please note that this credit card has been discontinued
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