ABFIN Finance loans

ABFIN has a verity of loans to provide for the South African public, the services are personal loans, bridging loans, consolidation loans are a few loans on offer. ABFIN Loans is a South African registered credit provider by the National Credit Regulator and is a loan broker that connects applicants with preferable lenders. ABFIN works with a lot of different lenders and from this network, ABFIN is able to get a head start for the best loan that is tailor made for the individual applicant.

Services and Benefits

ABFIN Loans have lots of choices and advantages, and has a good track record. ABFIN Finance operates as a loan broker; meaning is a mediator between lending institutions, and the applicants of loans. And thus is in a position to secure the most beneficial loan designed directly for the individual. ABFIN works on this individual basis, hence it is possible to access loans from a wide variety of credit solution institutions. ABFIN position as a credit mediator means it has the capacity to take out the difficulties of securing a loan and choose the best among a pool of lender with no financial terms and conditions complicated to understand, and have crippling financial consequences once the dotted line is signed.

ABFIN Loans is one of the market leaders in this field, and employs a very professional staff that looks for the best interest of the customers. Securing credit solutions for the clients is done in a professional way, meaning affordability of the client is put on the table. As a credit mediator working with different credit institutions, ABFIN has a range of services, personal loans, bridging loans, consolidation loans, bonds and debt counseling. ABFIN experienced financial consultants always look for the best and comfortable deal for the customer in the wide pool of financial credit solution institutions, making repayments easy and hustle free. The services is based on approval fee, meaning when the application is approved and an agreement is reached with the credit institution, there will be a fee, however if the application is not successful, there will be no fee at all.

ABFIN Finance loans requirements

Application for the loan is simple, all is required are that the individual is over 18 years old and is working on a permanent basis. A valid South African Identity Book or card, produce a proof of income, a pay slip, 3 months bank statement that is certified by the bank, an operational bank account by one of the big banking institutions., proof of residency that is not more than 3 months old. Once the approval is met, the funds will be deposited into the account of the applicant. And also monthly repayment through debit order will be from the applicant’s bank account.

ABFIN Finance loans contact Details

For more information on the process of application for ABFIN loans you can contact the offices on this number 083 900 7630, Alternatively you can go to the website www.abfinfinance.co.za as information is provided and details on application process.

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