ABSA atm loans

Absa has introduced a very innovative product to its customer base and it’s convenient and easy to access. It is called ABAS ATM Loan, with it you can have cash withdrawal from an ATM. This means you don’t have to apply for a small time short term loan by standing in lines and having papers to sign your signature. It’s a very proficient way to access credit in a fast paced South Africa. The advantage of the service is that you can get cash after business working hours.

How does ABSA ATM works for your convenience 24/7

ABSA ATM Loans are based on your ability to pay it back. The bank profiles your information and transactions you have made over a specific time. You can request a cash loan from R250 up to a maximum of R5 000 at any Absa ATM. For you to able to have this service you must have a good credit record. This translates to you borrowing money at Absa in times past and paying it back in full, you must have a credit record with the bank.

You must be able to pay off the Absa ATM loan within 35 days from withdrawal. Note that a 10% fee that is once off will be applicable when you request the loan. This fee excludes VAT.


  • Credit Protection is a cover on offer by Absa, what it does it to cover your loan in case of death or injury.
  • It is fast and convenient method of getting a loan
  • No documentation is needed
  • Once you have an Absa account it mean you can make loan withdrawals when you qualify
  • Payment of the loan is up to 35 days.
  • The loan does not have interest rates attached to it.

Access to the loan

You can access the loan at any Absa ATM, alternatively you can go online and make the loan request. The following criteria are important when thinking of getting the loan.

  • You must be 18 years and older
  • You must be working and earning wages or salary
  • Your salary must be paid on your Absa Bank account
  • Most importantly you must not be blacklisted

Absa ATM loan is meant for the type of lifestyle the modern world runs on. Whether it’s for emergency needed cash or just money to spend on the night having fun with friends or cash during the holidays with your family. Absa ATM will offer you this cash withdrawal solution so you don’t have to wait in line or go to a micro loan company, its 24/7 cash access at your fingertips. The service is cutting edge and innovative. All you have to do is visit any Absa ATM countrywide and input your loan request and complete the transaction, it’s that simple.

For more detailed details on ABSA ATM Loans and how it works you can contact the call center and ask to speak to consultant on the subject matter.

Alternatively you can visit the website and familiarize yourself with the information.

absa atm loans
absa atm loans

Absa ATM loans Contacts

Phone Number 0860 100 372
0860 100 372
Website – www.absa.co.za
Direct site – https://www.absa.co.za/personal/loans/for-myself/instant-loan/

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