ABSA CashSend

ABSA CashSend is a transaction platform that makes it easy for individuals to send money to anyone and anyplace in South Africa, provided the sender and receiver has a working cell phone number and can access an ABSA ATM machine. Migration into the cities is growing every day and while the job seeker, and workers are in the city, the family is left behind, it is imperative for long distance money transactions not to be limited, and cut off the connection with family and friends. ABSA CashSend offers this service of sending money in an easy, fast and safe.

Benefits of ABSA CashSend

ABSA has a network of ATM machines that are easily accessible everywhere, even in areas outside the big cities and main towns of South Africa, meaning ABSA CashSend works to connect communities together. The bank is well aware of the need to send money in a reliable, easy, secure and fast way. ABSA CashSend platform is a service the bank offers to its customers, and for them to be able to provide financial needs and wants for their families through CashSend. The recipient of the cash does not need to have an ABSA bank account. This service is not limited to individuals only; Businesses can use this facility too. CashSend will have one security pin code and the sender will also have their own security pin codes. The sender will send the pin codes to the recipient, and the recipient can make withdrawals at any ABSA ATM machine with these pin codes and access the funds sent.

ABSA CashSend Services

How ABSA CashSend works is very easy and efficient. All the individual has to do is go to the ABSA website, once there click the tab “Payments”, then select “Pay” then click “CashSend” to access the service. This will be followed by entering the receiver’s cellphone number details and the amount to send. Then enter a 6 digit pin code, which will be sent to the recipient. Then approve the amount to be sent. The recipient will be sent a 10 digit pin number through SMS by CashSend, and this pin code is to be used with the 6 digit pin code when making a withdrawal of the money at any ABSA ATM machine.

The daily limit of this service is capped at R3 000 and it is the ATM maximum limit for such withdrawals. However the limit can be reviewed and maintained and at an ABSA bank branch. The funds that are transacted to be sent are transferred as soon as the transaction is finished and available to the recipient immediately. ABSA CashSend offers a fast, easy, and secure method of sending money short and long distances, even to those who are without a bank account. ABSA has made everyone’s lives easier by creating this convenient service.

ABSA CashSend Contact Details

For more information on the process and how to use the ABSA CashSend facility services visit the website www.absa.co.za  The call center number is 0860 111 123 or find them on *120*2272# on your cellphone.

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