African Bank – Unsecured Personal Loans

In a world at times lacking compassion and understanding, African Banks maintains its commitment to caring for their employees, customers, and surrounding communities. Embracing the ethos of the rainbow nation, African Bank is committed to serving all people – regardless of their cultures and walk of life. This attitude is demonstrated through their willingness to provide unsecured loans and do so with the correct level of transparency and professionalism. Exemplary customer service and employee expertise is the backbone of any successful business and is the reason why African Bank continues to grab the respect of the South African investor. 

After an incredible internal restructuring process, South Africa’s micro-lender of choice, is proud to declare its new found ability to provide its customers with ability to access its time old affordable and convenient financial solutions in the shortest possible time. With loans of between R1000 and R10000, customers have the chance to access short-term relief with the added bonus of a repayment period of up to 12 months. This is especially useful in times of emergency when all you need is help with least amount of fuss. This fast loan solution is aimed at diffusing financially stressful situations that fit your individual circumstances. 

How it works…
African Bank offers personal loans up to R10000 repayable over 12 months. A fast and convenient way of acquiring funds when necessary. More so, the better your credit rating, the more you’ll be able to receive. You will also have the peace of mind that since African Bank is fully compliant with the National Credit Act and they will never offer you the amount you cannot afford to pay back. 

They seeks to provide their clients with the necessary reassurance whilst also enabling them to achieve a better future through its services.

African Bank Loan Application

There are several ways to apply no matter your preference. You may make an application via their website Their  loan calculator  can be found on the home page of their website wherein you’ll select the desired amount you’d wish to loan. Then, simply click “Apply Now” and you’ll be redirected to the application form. Enter in your personal contact details, thereafter you’ll receive the status of your application. It couldn’t be easier. After your application is approved you will be notified thereof via SMS as the funds are simultaneously transferred to your personal account. 

Loan Requirements

As enforced by the National Credit Regulator, African Bank would require the following supporting documents to process your application:

  • A valid SA ID (applicants must  be 18 years or older)
  • Must be permanently employed with payslips
  • A working and valid cell phone number
  • Recent banking statements

Remember that your credit score is your key factor in qualifying for the African Bank loan.

The African Bank Loan Calculator

This calculator will indicate everything you need about the interest charged, the period of repayment and the final amount repayable (capital plus interest), assist you in making an informed decision. Overall, this information will assist you in budgeting for the loan with no uncertainties.

With the higher cost of living in South Africa, financial emergencies become more common on a day-to-day basis. It is important to solve these financial emergencies quickly and efficiently. African Bank is a distinguished and reputable business, renowned for its transparency and dependability. You will always receive personal attention and complete professional assistance. We will help you step back into that frame of mind where you’re at ease about your financial wellbeing.  

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