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In South Africa and mostly all around the world property is known as a great investment and having more than one is an even better investment. When you sell your home or business establishment it is common knowledge that you will receive the monies from the sale through a registration of a transfer from the seller (Which would be you) to the purchaser (The one you are selling to). Before any form of clearance is granted it is South African law that you provide a 6 months down payment of rates and taxes that must be paid.

If like most people you do not have what is likely to be a large sum of money for this, it can be a frustrating and stressful situation. At Assetline we understand how this can affect you as a seller financially which is what prompted us to come up with a strategic solution meeting you where it matters most; your cash flow. At Assetline we will pay out up to 100% of the entire clearance amount needed.

We can also offer the seller an equity advance. We have already explained that you as the seller can only receive the monies from the sale a property upon registration of transfer from seller to the purchaser. The Assetline sellers’ equity advance can pay up to 75% of the net value to the seller once the buyer has provided the purchase price, yup that is you. It is wise to note that this can happen subject to the settlement of the existing bonds.

Assetline Capital advance loans

Assetline is very much capable of giving you an advance on your commission. Commission is great for an estate agent. We want to make it our business to keep your wallet full. So if you are an estate agent and have commission settlements that are pending we want to literally give you up to 75% of the net commission that you earn once the purchase price has been offered up and secured by the purchaser. This will give you control of your cash flow and bring some very much needed relief which will enable you to put your entire focus on closing more deals.

In order to be approved for any of our benefits and offerings you can log onto out website and fill out the online application which is inclusive of informing us of your assets and their value. You can also call us and one of our consultants will be more than happy to assist you. At Assetline we are all about Property Bridging Finance. We offer a variety of up to date innovative bridging finance and loan solutions. The property market can be a bit tight to manoeuvre around and the time frame can make the process a frustrating and stressful experience. A lot of things can be put on hold because the cash flow just isn’t there to meet certain financial obligations. The solutions we offer are made to set your mind at ease by unlocking your cash flow and making sure that the process of selling property is not a lengthy and tiring one.

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