Autorefin Vehicle Finance

Autorefin Vehicle Finance has been in operation in the finance of assets and vehicles since 2009. Its primary goal is to service individuals who need credit to finance a vehicle they want, need or dream of. And it does not stop there, the finance has helped the purchase of boats, bikes, caravans  and leisure vehicles; making it possible for South Africans reach their goals. The process of obtaining vehicle finance can be challenging, especially if it the first time, the team of professionals at Autorefin Vehicle Finance will help you through the maize and assist you in getting your ideal car, whether it is for business or to travel to work, or just a dream car, Auto Vehicle Finance will see you through.

Services and Benefits

Autorefin is the premier service provider for motor vehicle finance and refinance. Autorefin for more than 8 years has assisted the South African public buy cars through their credit and asset finance products. Their professional team of staff who are dedicated to see you succeed will meet with you face to face, even arrange for an appointment to come to your workplace, even home and review the best possible finance and monthly repayments on the asset, vehicle you desire to purchase.

Autorefin Vehicle Finance has three products on offer for financing, namely Refinance, Private to Private Car Finance and the Residual Car Finance.

Refinance is structured to help in money savings on the initial loan. Refinance looks at ways of paying lower interest rates, opportunity to lower or extend repayment time frame. Refinance works in a similar way consolidation loans work.

Private to Private Car Finance allows you to by a pre-owned vehicle from a private seller. This type of finance also covers individual purchases, business and trust purchases, and also deceased estates putting up their assets up for sale. This kind of finance insulates the buyer and the seller.

Residual Car Finance is the total amount of money paid at the end of the loan period. It is when the debtor, one who borrowed the money makes the total settlement of the loan at the end or later of the prescribed period and not at the start of the loan repayments. The advantageous of this type of finance is that is having lower interest rates.

To see if you can get finance from Autorefin you will have to produce a South African ID (identity document), vehicles from 2004 and onwards are the only ones for consideration. The vehicle must have South African registration.

Autorefin has help countless number of people get access to vehicle finance and asset finance and it is more than willing to help you archive the goals you have, and structure your repayments on the monthly basis of the vehicle finance.

Autorefin Vehicle Finance Contact Details

For more details on obtaining vehicle finance through us and live out your dreams go to the website and get more information. Alternatively call the call center on this number 010 594 0320.

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