Better Life Personal Loans

Better Life Personal Loans- assistance for buying your new home

Better Life is the largest mortgage originator in South Africa, with more than 15 years’ experience in helping home owners to purchase their dream homes. Committed to helping you take the hassle out of buying your dream home, Better Life knows exactly what information is required by each bank in order to make a successful application and also offers comprehensive financial solutions.

With services ranging from pre-approvals, home loans, short-term insurance, to life insurance, Better Life is committed to providing access to an array of leading home-buying solutions.

Services offered by Better Life:

This includes homeowner’s cover, car and home insurance as well as Better Life Protection. Through insurance from Better Life you can protect your family’s financial security and you get access to insurance that is tailored to your unique needs.

Better Life Home Loans

This service includes pre-qualification, expertise offered by Better Life professionals, convenience, the best deals and service at no cost to the applicants.

Better Life Personal Loans
Better Life Personal Loans are an ideal way to source additional funding for securing your new home. These loans are managed by Direct Axis Financial Services, which is fully compliant with the National Credit Act of 2005 and is a responsible lender.

These loans are specifically designed for any home-related expenses and may assist with moving costs, transfer duty, bond registration costs or attorney’s fees.

Interest rates are based on personal financial profiles, while the amount that an individual qualifies for if based on personal financial circumstances. Better Life Personal Loans are also granted subject to credit approval.

Every loan that is issued includes a Personal Protection Plan that settles your outstanding loan balance in the event of your death, permanent disability or certain dread diseases.

To apply for Better Life Personal Loans, individuals need to be at least 18 years of age, they must be South African residents with a good credit record and they must be earning a minimum of R5000 or more per month. Documentation that is required for the loan application process includes a clear ID copy, proof of income, proof of residence and your bank account details of where your salary is paid into.

Benefits of choosing Better Life Personal Loans:

Loan amounts range from R5000 to R150 000, giving you access to an array of loan amounts from which to choose. The application process is quite simple too. All you need to do is complete details online and if you meet the requirements, a Better Life consultant will contact you. This allows you to save on time and money which you would have otherwise had to spend travelling to a branch.

Repayment periods range from 24, 36, 448, 60 to 72 months. In addition, repayment terms are fixed for the full term of your loan, giving you the benefit of being able to budget efficiently, as you’ll kniw exactly how much you will need to repay monthly.

Better Life Contact Details:

To contact Better Life you can simply call them on: 0860 221 333

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