Bhivas Investments

Bhivas Investments knows that financial shortages can be an inconvenience. Especially those that come up unexpected. You may find the little money you saved up being reduced and soon you need a loan.


Bhivas Investments is a credit facility and loans provider. It handles cash with respect. Prudent borrowing is the way forward. The staff is trained to be receptive and attentive to the needs of you, the consumer. You won’t feel isolated in the world of credit lending. Financial challenged economy of S.A means being careful with spending habits. Bhivas Investment encourages smart credit. A loan that you will pay off in time. Not loan to pay off another loan.


Bhivas Investments offers small term to long term loans. These loans start from R400 and go up to R5 000. The loans are custom made. Meaning you can request a loan that best suits your paying habit. You don’t have to strain out the last cent if you know you can’t afford. The repayment of the loan is from 30 days up to 3 months for R5 000. Another type of loan on offer is a pay day. Everything can go well until a sour moment arises during the month that needs cash fast. A pay day loan will cover such a moment successfully. You can loan and settle it on your next pay day. Maybe you just need patrol for the next two weeks and you have not enough. Bhivas Investments will help you with a pay day loan.


  • Repayment period are generous.
  • Registered with National Credit Regulator.
  • Loans are processed fast and same day.
  • Your information will be safe and secure.

These are some of the benefits you get from being a customer of Bhivas Investments.


To obtain the loan is easy with no hoops to jump. All you need is your documentation. You must also know your credit habit. To be successful with your application you need to meet the following conditions:

  • All applicants must be 18 years and older
  • You should be a South African citizen living in the county, and not planning to migrate
  • Produce a valid South African Identity Document (ID) card or book.
  • You should have an active bank account with debit order services.
  • It’s imperative to have a minimum salary of R2 000 per month.

Bhivas Investments values confidentiality. Your information will be safe throughout the application process. When you meet all criteria and qualify. The loan will be made available to you immediately. You will not have to wait for a week or long. The loan can be used for the reasons you applied it for. Remember to pay it off in time.


For more information and if you have any questions you can call Bhivas Investments during office hours (from 9am to 5pm). For loan application you can visit Bhivas Investments at Rosettenville. Make sure to bring your documents with you.


House Number 48 7th Street La Rochelle Rosettenville 2190
Phone Number : 083 241 9447

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