Bidvest Financial Services

About Bidvest Financial Services

Bidvest Financial Services provides customers with financial services from Bidvest Bank. These services have truly assisted in financing of businesses and individual customers too. The services have a wide variety of financial services, and these include business banking, foreign exchange, investments and asset finance. Bidvest Bank has been in operations for over 150 year and has a solid brand and is well renowned in the industry and among the public.  The modern life can have monetary challenges, and sometimes financial aid is needed to cover short-term to long term needs that may arise from personal life, even from business. Bidvest Financial services helps individuals and companies see through the fog of financial needs.

Bidvest got their banking license in the year 2000 and it has assisted the South African public and companies in the area of finance through Financial Services Loans and always complies with the National Credit Regulator. With more than 100 branches across South Africa, Bidvest is regarded as best when it comes to vehicle and asset finance.

Bidvest Financial Services services and Benefits

Bidvest Asset Finance provides financial services to companies, installment sale, rental finance, full maintenance and commercial property finance. Working Capital Loans are designed to help facilitate the daily cost of doing business. If you are a business and in need of capital you can depend on the services of Bidvest finance to create a tailor made financial solution that will best fit in with your business model to help it reach greater heights.

If you are looking to invest in operations or your marketing department or to simply give your business a nudge in the right direction then you will most definitely need the assistance of capital and partnering with Bidvest will be the best decision that you ever made for your business.  At times all you need is just assistance with the rental package of your business and we all know that if your business is based in the city then rent is ridiculously expensive. Partnering with Bidvest to assist you with rent is a great choice that will help you stay where you are and until you can generate enough cash flow to carry the bill on your own.

Bidvest Insurance protects items and assets of a house, also business. The cover for businesses is for mishaps such as machinery related issues. The insurance also covers Tyre-gaurd, exterior and interior guard, travel insurance and shortfall protection. Protecting your assets and belongings is very important because in most cases should anything damage them you will not have the immediate capacity to replace them. Bidvest Insurance has a number of products that you can choose from to ensure that your items and assets are taken care of all of the time and that you can replace without hassle should something unfortunate happen.

Bidvest Financial Services Contact Details

For further details on the process of application and qualification of Bidvest Financial services you can phone call 0860 11 11 77 / 0861 668 888 or go to their website . The website has details you will find useful.


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