Blacklisted loans from Capitec bank

Blacklisted loans from Capitec Bank work in relation to your credit profile. Reckless lending without credit vetting caused the credit markets to limit loan amounts.

Blacklisted loans from Capitec Bank are mede to protect you the consumer from being over leveraged and drowning in debt. This was done through the National Credit Act. The industry is also protected from credit consumers who default on their debts. Since 2007 this Act has been enforced in relation to borrowing money. The Act requirements are that lending institutions check your credit history and how well you fair on your debt repayment. This means your profile unlocks how much you can get from a lending institution. This includes Capitec bank. Its easy to get blacklisted loans from Capitec bank. You can visit any branch near you and request more information.

Why do you need a Credit Report?

Blacklisted loans from Capitec bank are based on a system of checks on your credit report. A credit report contains all relevant information on you. This will include your name, residential address, occupation and history of debt repayments. This information will influence the credit provider with how they structure the loan for you. So when you want to open an account like clothing or cellphone contract. The report is used to gauge if you will be allowed to open the account with the shop. All credit reports are confidentially kept by credit bureaus. Only finical information is recorded on your profile.

Your credit information is primarily used by banks and credit shops. However property rental businesses, insurers also can access your credit report. When you know that you have a credit profile that is sound with a good credit score you can use it to your advantage. You can negotiate lower interest rates. To get blacklisted loans from Capitec bank you need to be working. You need to earn enough to pay off the loan so you don’t have to worry about bad credit record.

Credit History

Blacklisted loans from Capitec bank and your credit history. Credit bureaus purpose is related to credit report. To register all credit financial transactions to your report. The idea is to have a point of reference that will help the industry with your credit information. If you pay your loans within the given time frame, this is recorded. If you can’t but skip bi-monthly, this also is recorded, highlighted and entered into your credit report. Credit reports contain a score that is linked with your credit history. Every high score comes with benefit of ease of access to credit. So this means your credit profile can open doors at big banking institutions for credit such as Capitec. Late payment patterns or defaulting on loans will be entered into the report and it will last up to 24 months. This information will impede on you to get loans with ease. Court judgments due to failure to pay can be on your report for a period up to 5 years or until you settle the credit and request the court judgment be removed from your report.

Keep it clean

Ways to keep your credit profile positive for credit access:

  • You should make installments payments in full every month on time.
  • Have a safety net, back up cash because an case of emergency will take away your monthly salary for installment.
  • Structure your finance and gauge your affordability status
  • Never get credit that you can’t pay back in time because you will end up paying more interest and fees.
  • If you can’t pay, consult with your credit provider and ask for new and reduced payments. (Some banks can give you up to 3 months of breathing space especially with vehicle loans or bond repayments).
  • Do not put aside any letters of payment from your creditor or ignore them.


Credit profile has a few benefits namely:

  • A credit profile lets you know how your spending habits are.
  • It can help your lifestyle and begin to save instead of buying everything on credit.
  • You can request a credit profile with the bureau to monitor your credit appetite.
  • Credit profile is meant to encourage you maintain a healthy credit score.


To find out more on blacklisted loans from Capitec bank you can visit the website or call during office hours.

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