Blacklisted Loans

Have you been or are your currently blacklisted? If so, then you’ll be relieved to know that there’s an institution that can assist you getting that much need loan. Blacklist Loans is a proudly South African broker with the mandate to help customers get the finance they need, especially those current blacklisted. Individuals whom are blacklisted find it difficult in attains loans due to poor or bad credit score and this often leaves them destitute with little to no options. This is why despite the large array of financial service provides available, Blacklisted loans is one of few institutions that can excel at securing your next loan.

As a client you’ll be able to apply for up to R200000 to use for anything from emergencies to that long awaited family vacation. Our online platform allows clients to receive the cash they need when they need it. The best deals brought to you through their efficient online applications.

When you become a member of their subscription services, you get a free loan finding tool as well as many added benefits. With their unique services, clients can look forward to making use of their benefits package that offers real value for money.

Blacklisted Loans Membership benefits and more

Blacklisted Loans’ membership benefits include a number of financial advice options and assistance for clients that require legal guidance. This includes advice with vehicle accident claims, accidental claims, personal injury, conveyancing, criminal law, and civil labour law advice and assistance.
The package deal includes matrimonial law advice and assists you in setting up your last Will and Testament. Blacklisted Loans’ search tool is an extra added bonus for you and helps you easily navigate between loan options. This tool is available at no additional charge to you.
This unique search tool helps you search through a large database of lenders that this service provider has partnered with. This makes it easy for you to find the best possible loan to match your needs.

Have you denied a loan elsewhere?

Generally credit and service providers only take into account one’s credit score when determining the success of your application for a loan. This, however, is information is not entire substantive as it does not note an individual’s current income and expenditure. Many times these factor are over looked and one’s present eligibility is leveraged only against one’s past. So if you’ve exhausted all our options and you find yourself deflated and demotivated, take the time to complete our application and discover for yourself the how Blacklisted Loans will give you the necessary credit you deserve in light of the ‘now’ and not the ‘then’.

We offer competitive interest rates over a term of up to 72 months, therefore giving you the time to manage your finances best for you. Our application process is simple with timeous responses at affordable rates regardless of your credit history. Use our loan calculator and tell us what you want and how you want it, and we’ll get back to you expedite the process as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Blacklisted Loans – How it works…

Once you’ve registered and have become a member, you’ll have instant access to all their value-added benefits included in the package offered. As a member, you can apply for a cash loan – even if you’re blacklisted by simply completing the online application form. Click the submit button and within minutes, Blacklisted Loans will call you to discuss your loan requirements. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast the entire loan process takes and how easy it is to apply.

Once your loan is approved and you’ve agreed to the terms set out in your contract, your money will be deposited into your bank account in no more than 48 hours. When you need cash in a hurry apply for one of Blacklisted Loans’ instant cash loan solutions.

They’ve assisted thousands of clients in obtaining cash loans when no one else wanted to approve their applications. At Blacklisted Loans we believe that you shouldn’t be judged on your past financial mistakes. Let us help you conquer your fears and achieve your financial dreams.

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