An overview of Blink Finance loans

There is no shame in admitting that there are many of us who (at some point or another) might have needed some extra cash to help us until the end of the month until our next pay cheque. Well, if you’re reading this article and you find yourself in this very position then consider applying to Blink Finance for a short-term (payday) loan.

Blink Finance provides instant and same day flexible short-term loans for clients throughout South Africa. Through customer-centric service together with a quick and easy online approach, Blink can offer a variety of services and is ready to support your financial journey. So, if you’d like to access R 4000 – choose to get it in the blink of an eye.

Blink Finance – How it works…

By making use of the latest technology, our paperless credit solution is hassle-free, fast, and dependable. The application is simple and easy to use with the process taking less than 10 minutes to complete. All you have to do is follow the quick three-step process. Choose your loan plan, tell Blink about yourself, then receive cash fast. On the homepage, adjust the sliders to your preferred loan amount and choose a repayment date. From there, you can view the total cost of your loan, including interest.

You will be required to enter in your South African 13 digit ID number as this will be used to perform a credit check. The better your credit score the better the interest rate we can offer you. At Blink, assisting the average citizen achieve financial freedom is part of the reason regardless of your credit history. All new customers of Blink Finance can receive a R 2500 loan and thereafter, borrow up to R4 000.
After approval, complete the required form fields and upload your documents. Do this as quickly as possible so as to secure your loan as soon as possible!
Once your loan is approved, cash will be paid directly into your account within 24 hours. For your convenience, we can pay your loan amount immediately at a small additional charge. There’s the added benefit of being granted secondary loan if Blink determines you’re by the means to repay it in addition to your initial loan. When you apply for any Blink Finance service, you’ll choose the repayment period suitable for you! For your added convenience, a debit order will be placed for a certain date will be set so you don’t need to worry about having to forget to repay them. The Blink team takes various factors into consideration before determining eligibility and may grant loans despite previous history.

With our quick and easy online platform, our clients can apply for a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blink Finance is accredited with the National Credit Act and compliant with the POPI Act of 2013. Your personal information will be treated with the utmost care; more so, all communications between you and our team of professionals are completely confidential. The data and documents you provide to us are encrypted and stored securely. Compared to their competitors, Blink has the benefits of providing short terms loans by offering the necessary transparency with the assistance of their dedicated support team. Our team of hard-working individuals are expertly trained and always eager to help. At Blink they understand that certain things happen in life that you have no control over. That is why they will always try and accommodate your situation and make alternative arrangements where they can. The most important part to remember is to always communicate your situation so they can assist you in formulating some of arrangement.

When the world moves quickly, it’s easy to be left behind. With Blink Finance instant loans, you can keep up with your finances, enjoy financial freedom, and live in the moment. Getting a Payday loan couldn’t be easier. As long as you’re 18 years or older and receiving a regular income that is deposited into your personal bank account you can qualify to receive up to R 4000 almost instantly. All you will need to do is complete the online application form. Give us your contact details, physical address and postal address, employer details and your monthly budget. Because we’ll need to pay your money, Blink will ask you to provide them with your banking details as well. After verifying all the details provided you will be informed if you qualify for a same-day loan. If you have qualified, the loan payments are paid directly into your bank account on the very same day.

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Need money now? Blink Finance is the answer. Let us solve your financial needs with a same-day loan today. For more information about our loans, please contact us or scan the QR code or visit the website

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