Boxer Services Social grant payouts

Boxer Services Social grant payouts are designed to offer South African citizens easy access to social services.
The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) values respect for human rights. As a result, many of the nation’s citizens are beneficiaries of this social grant system.

Disability, care dependency, child support, foster child, older persons and war veterans grants are available for qualifying individuals.
Unlike in the past, beneficiaries are able to gain access to their grants in the most efficient ways possible, such as through Boxer Services Social grant payouts.

Boxer SASSA Loan – Tell me more about Boxer Services Social grant payouts?

Grant beneficiaries are able to collect their funds for free at any Boxer Till point and there are no service fees charged.
Individuals are able to get 3 free cash withdrawals, in addition to one free over-the-counter cash transaction at the Post Office.
Beneficiaries get free swipes when paying at all merchants, including Boxer stores.
One free ATM balance enquiry is permitted per month.

SASSA beneficiaries are welcome to sign up here to receive an SMS once a month to be informed when SASSA grants are paid out. They are also encouraged to contact their nearest SASSA office for more information.
Established in April 1977 as KwaZulu Cash and Carry as a conventional wholesaler, Boxer has expanded. The company has gone on to reposition itself into complete retailing. It now has a presence across the nation and was acquired by PicknPay in 2002.
Now with 250 stores, Boxer aims to serve the needs of communities through its select product range and other convenient services such as SASSA social grant services.
By alleviating some of the pressures created by an influx of thousands of beneficiaries on ATM services, Boxer is able to offer alternative solutions for access to much-needed financial assistance.

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