Cash Crusaders Cosmo City

Cash Crusaders Cosmo City is open to helping out with easy loans for residents in and around Cosmos city even those not from the area. All you have to do is request a loan, even use collateral for loan.


Cash Crusaders Cosmos City operates within the dictates of the National Credit Regulator. It is a registered credit provider you can rely on in times of trouble. A recent survey shows that most South Africans do not have enough savings for a rainy day. You could be one of those many who get affected when cash is needed fast. No need to worry as Cash Crusaders will offer you a competitive loan. The reality is that petrol goes up and come down by a few cents. So this can dent your savings for a bad day. When fuel goes up, it affects everything.


Cash Crusaders Cosmos City has been open for business for a long time. Loans are designed to suit the pocket of working men and women. Starting from a moderate R400 up to R4 000 are pay day loans. When you receive your salary you settle this type of loan. It is secured against the next pay day. Then there are mini loans that also start at R400 and go up to R4 000. With this type of loan you can pay it off in 3 months when you request R4 000. The idea is to give you breathing space. All interest on loans are governed by the National Credit Act. You have another option of securing your loan by using your possessions or items of value for collateral. You get the loan once you have submitted your possession. When you finish pay the loan on time, you will have your possession back. Please do note that you have to settle the collateral loan in time. Failure to do so can result in your possession being sold off to cover the loss on the loan. The item you put up must have value on par with the loan. All possession for collateral are put in safe storage till loan is paid in full.


  • Small and easy to pay loans.
  • Collateral on loan.
  • Interest rate in line with the NCA.
  • Staff willing to help you.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.


There are few conditions you need to be made aware of before you can apply for the loan. Firstly you need to be 18 years and above. Secondly you need to be working and earning enough to close off the loan within the agreed time period. Alternatively you can put up collateral to secure the loan. These are the following requirements and conditions for loan procurement.

  • You need to be a South African citizen living in the county, and not planning to migrate
  • A valid South African Identity Document (ID) card or book is a must.
  • Provide active bank account for debit order services.
  • You must have a minimum salary of R2 000 per month.
  • A working cellphone for contact is a must.

When successful your loan will be made available to you.


Cosmo Mall, Shop 4 1413 Malibongwe Drive Mostyn Park Ext 5 Cosmo City JOHANNESBURG 2188

Phone Number : 011 708 0081

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