Cashbuild Credit and loans

Nedbank provides a personal loan called Cashbuild Credit specifically for construction or renovation projects around the house.
When it’s time to convert your house into your dream home, go no further than the Cashbuild construction loan.
You may quickly and easily set up a Cashbuild credit account and begin making in-store and online purchases on credit.
And now for the greatest part…
To get a rough idea of how much you’ll have to pay back each month, you may use the Cashbuild loan calculator.
Yes, let’s go into action.

The Cashbuild Credit Account with Nedbank

When it comes to low-priced construction supplies, no one does it better than Cashbuild in South Africa.

Cashbuild has teamed up with Nedbank to provide you with the option of financing the purchase of your construction supplies.

By signing up for a Cashbuild account with Nedbank now, you’ll have early access to their special personal loan offerings. You may create a Cashbuild account either online or at a local location.

If you want to complete your home renovation project ahead of schedule, a Cashbuild home improvement loan is your best bet.

Depending on your credit, you might get a Cashbuild credit of up to R250,000.00.

Obtaining a Cashbuild credit application is as easy as visiting any of their stores and presenting your situation to an associate.

Consulting staff is helpful and kind.

Cashbuild loans are contingent to Nedbank’s ultimate approval of credit and affordability.

What You’ll Need to Qualify for Cashbuild credit account

To be eligible for your Cashbuild account application, you must at least meet the following requirements:

You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid South African identification card or document.
You must have steady job and current pay stubs or a letter of employment.
You must have a personal bank account that displays your monthly income – bank statements
Do you need further information on the Cashbuild credit account? Please visit for the Cashbuild website.

Cashbuild loans contact details

Tel: 011 248 1500
Share call number: 0860 100 582
Address: 2 Handel Road, Ormonde 2091, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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