Cell C Emergency Airtime

About Cell C Emergency Airtime

Emergency Airtime gives Cell C customer’s airtime, the capacity to make contact while you don’t have enough on your balance. You can remain in communication and contact any phone number in South Africa. The airtime will let you send sms, make phone calls or use it for data through Emergency Airtime or AUTO TOPUP.

How it Works Cell C advance airtime

It’s very simple how it works, it’s easy to access Cell C Emergency or advance Airtime, you just dial *147# on your mobile phone and choose option 7, then follow as you are guided for input. The fee for this service will cost you a low R1.

Emergency Airtime Defined
It is the airtime that is used for emergency purposes when the units have ran out, or about to, when the units reach R2 or lower.
The Emergency Airtime has different cost structure and is as follows: R3, R5, R10, R15, R25, R50 or R100 only.

Auto TopUP
You as the customer you have another option called Auto TopUp. You can access this service when your airtime is low. You can make a request for the amount of airtime you need. You can request from R3, R5, R10, R15, R25, R50 or a maximum R100. The airtime amount value will be transferred to your phone. You should have a minimum of R0.05(5cents) on your phone to be able to get Emergency Airtime or Auto TopUP service. This will allow you to have the airtime you need or want, meaning you can make the emergency call when needed or be in contract with friends.

To fully access Emergency Airtime and Auto TopUP you must be on the Cell C network for full 2 months. You must have recharged your airtime with R20 for 2 months in succession.

Life is full of wonderful moments and it can be a pleasure to share it with family and friends. But also in life there are those situations that rear up without any warning. It can be frustrating when stuck in a moment you can’t get out of because airtime is used up and there are no nearby shops or convenience stores to buy it. Sometimes an emergency just needs a phone call for the solution to reach you. Cell C has developed a service for its customers to have airtime in time of an emergency. Airtime that you can use for calling, SMS even for data.

The service is designed to cover Cell C customers in times of emergencies and provide a way to keep the communication flow open. Something that is very important when there is a circumstance that needs attention.

Auto TopUp is a great service; you don’t have to cut short stimulating conversations due to airtime constrains. You can continuously talk with your friends or family without having the worry of airtime limitations. The service is also benefits people living in remote areas where shops or airtime sales are not easy to find, especially when traveling in remote areas of South Africa for holidays.

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