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We live in a fast paced world where our lives are in constant demand of attentive and prompt action to all that happens around us. The work and family strain put on most South African’s can leave most of us exhausted at the end of any given day making it difficult or frustrating to achieve certain tasks that desperately need resolution. That is why we at Compare Guru bring our services to you at the click of a button. Compare Guru is an online platform that allows you to compare car insurance quotes from different insurance providers.

With our platform you can get access to quotes within 60 seconds of submission, compare the many insurance providers available to you and we will even offer you a free annual review of your policy. You may still be thinking that you don’t need to add another expense onto your already heavy load of expenses but I want you to consider these questions before you make a decision:

  1. Where would you turn for help should you be involved in a car accident?
  2. How would you pay for any damage done to your car or that of another person?
  3. Do you perhaps have an inheritance or a large amount of money in your bank account that you could access to pay for the costs of the damage done to your car or that of another person?
  4. What on earth would you do if your car gets stolen or if you the unfortunate victim of a car hi-jack?

These are compelling questions that need to be met with a high level of professionalism and security which is where Car Insurance comes in! When you are involved in a car accident; the first phone call you can make is to your car insurance company. The car insurance company that you choose will pay for any damage done to your car or the car of another person who was involved in a car accident with you and your car. If you ever experience car theft or your car being hi-jacked then your insurer will cover the cost of a new vehicle.

A shocking 14 000 000 cars on South African roads are uninsured, that’s just a nightmare waiting to happen. With Compare Guru you are guaranteed to find the best car insurer suited to your personal needs. Our Quick Quote process is very user friendly and effective:

  • Complete the online form with your personal details and vehicle details.
  • You will be given a variety of suggested quotes based on the information given.
  • You can request us to call you back on any day and time.
  • You may also complete what we call the “Accurate quote” with more details.
  • You can expect a call from one of our highly trained brokers to assist you with the insurance selection process.

By having car insurance you will have the following benefits at your disposal:

  • Financial Confidence: The feeling of financial security knowing that your insurer will come to your aid when you’re in an accident or your car becomes stolen or damaged due to bad weather.
  • Peace of mind: You can relax when you lend your car to a family relative or friend knowing that your will be covered should anything happen whilst been driven by someone else.
  • Does not only cover you: Car insurance can cover you, your spouse and your other dependents cars.

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