Connect Financial Solutions

Connect Financial Solutions – Who are they precisely?

Connect Financial Solutions offers a number of financial services to theyll-known companies, including Bradlows, Rochester, HiFi Corp, Incredible Connection, Sleepmasters, and Russells. Among these popular brands are Incredible Connection, Sleepmasters, and Russells.

Each of their Brand Partners is a member of the Consumers’ Goods and Services Ombudsman (CGSO) and is dedicated to respecting the Consumer Goods and Service Code.

Products and Services include:

  • their goods and services consist of both secured and unsecured loans.
  • Both Long-Term and Short-Term Insurance Needs Can Be Met
  • Rochester is the trading name of Connect Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd, which is registered with the registration number 2018/431596/07 and is a registered credit provider with the registration number NCRCP11158.

Their Customer Value Proposition.

  • Flexible payment arrangements that reduce the transaction’s total price.
  • Flexible Insurance solutions from Abacus, their Insurance Partner.
  • Transparent and trustworthy credit application procedure
  • Affordability assessments to ensure that their customers can purchase the items in question.
  • Various payment options Other Payment Options Include Cash, Debit Orders, Electronic Funds Transfers, and Easy Pay

What are your legal rights as a consumer?

  • You are entitled to one free Credit Report per year from each of the Credit Bureaus with which you are enrolled.
  • You have the right to dispute erroneous information on your credit report with the credit bureau if it appears.
  • A credit agreement written in straightforward English that is simple to read.
  • Explanations in depth of the reasons why a credit application was declined.
  • The prohibition against extending loans without enough deliberation,
  • In the case that one has excessive debt, assistance is available:
  • The right to one’s personal privacy includes the ability to choose the product one desires.’
  • The right to interact with people fairly and honestly.
  • Right to supplier accountability, as well as to fair pricing, excellent quality, and necessary safety precautions
  • The right to fair, reasonable, and equitable terms and conditions
  • Consumer market protection against discriminatory advertising tactics and the right to equality

What do they anticipate from you as a customer?

Your consent to allow us to access any of your personal information that may be sought from a Credit Bureau or other approved entities in order to:
Make many queries to get or authenticate your credit profile and payment history.
must comply with the rules of the NCA on the keeping of records in any database including the consumer’s personal information and credit history.

You, the Customer, are their Primary Concern!

  • The consumer should get a statement of his or her account at least once every three months.
  • Communicate with the client using the language in which they feel most at ease.
    must offer the consumer a complimentary copy of the agreement.
    in order to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive customer information.
  • To report to either the NCR or a credit agency the specifics of each and every credit arrangement that is concluded, as well as the agreement’s termination when the obligation has been paid in full.
  • When a customer has fallen behind on payments, it is reasonable to recommend that they seek professional assistance.
    shall maintain records of credit applications, credit agreements, and credit accounts in compliance with the regulations’ requirements.
  • The basic prerequisites for filing an application are as follows: a photo ID; alternatively, for candidates who are not RSA nationals, an official residency permit; a recent pay stub and three recent bank statements. and
    If clients opt not to acquire their insurance products, they are required to furnish us with information on their monthly costs and policy documentation for their credit life insurance and/or home content insurance.


The offer is based on the applicant’s identify being verified, as well as the applicant being at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid passport or other appropriate form of identification.

Connect Financial Solutions contact details:

Connect Financial Solutions, and not the Brand Partner, must react to any loan account-related issues and complaints. You can contact us by sending an email to or by dialing +27 (10) 211 1120.
Guidelines for filing a legal complaint
Email address:
The contact number is +27 10 211 1120.
Fax number: 086 649 6485
Alternatively, you may send an email to The mailing address is PO Box 4208.

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