Consolidate all my loans

Consolidate all my loans; is what you are thing about but don’t know the process? Someone may have told you to consolidate your loans but you are not sure.

About us

Consolidate all my loans is a financial tool used by many South Africans to reduce debt. You need detailed informantion before you choose to consolidate your debt. If you have been looking and searching for guidance for financial direction. You will be pleased to know that My Financial Help has been made with you, the consumer in mind. The primary purpose of operation is to give advice for financial needs you may have in relation to credit and debt. No single contract has been made with any credit provider, meaning you will have no biased information. The network of service providers are located in Gauteng and the Western Cape. You can also find assistance through a national help line if you are outside these two provinces. However its best practice to have an in depth discussion regarding your financial needs and prescribe the way forward. Meaning calculations and affordability rate for monthly repayments will be made for you.


My Financial Help has professional advice for true cost of credit and its duration repayment term this also include debt consolidation. Financial solutions designed to help you save money from month one. The services are diverse and are offered by well experience and trained professionals. Individuals who have been working in the finance services sector for many years. Their experience will sue help in navigating the complex world of products such as bonds, property loans and other financial instruments. All this is meant to keep you financially stable and be able to have cash at the end of the month so that you won’t have to default on your debt.

Consolidation Loans definition

Consolidate all my loans is still ringing in your head? These loans are usually prescribed to you if you are not able to cope with all your small and big debts. The strategy is to take all these loans and roll them into one single amount. Then require the bank to pay off all these loans and you concentrate on paying off the total sum the bank loaned you. There are positives and negatives. The positives are that you will now have just one loan to service every month. The negatives are that the interest on some consolidation loans is high. When you add fees and interest, a 5 year loan can translate to paying more than twice the original loan amount. A R100 000 loan can end up with a payment of R260 000.

Lending institutions

To consolidate your loan you will need to have a reputable institution do this for you. All financial institutions workings are regulated by the National Credit Act and authorized by the National Credit Regulator. Every credit lending institution should be thus regulated. However not every institution follows the act and there is malpractice. For example no institution should require you to pay loan approval fees upfront and interest fee of 50% on the loan. Yet some do this. Unscrupulous companies operating online offering you cash loans charging over and above the NCA capped amounts. You should never pay anything about 27% of interest rates as stipulate on the Act.

Benefits when using My Financial Help

  • Good information vital for making big financial decisions.
  • Can save you lots of money through advice.
  • Professional staff with years of experience willing to help you.
  • You will gain help and knowledge on how to best negotiate your long term loans and structure a contract suitable for your pocket.

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