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Darras Financial Services is your best loans partner when money is tight. The right time to get a loan is when a nightmare comes unannounced. Everyone has different budget every month for groceries, transport, and entertainment.


Darras Financial Services operates within the micro lending industry. The majority of people do not have a budget for unforeseen trouble and financial complications that can arise during the month. When this happens, Darras Financial Services will help with a loan to limit the problems you may face. It provides credit loans in a proficient manner. Every loan is tailor made for you the individual. There are no prescribed amounts; you tell Darras Financial Services how much you need. The staff is polite and helpful. You will be treated with respect.


Darras Financial Services range from pay day loans to micro loans. The amount for pay day loan starts at R500 and can reach R5 000. The interest fee is affordable so this means its not going to be hard on your pocket. People use pay day loans when cash is tight during the month. Another type of loan offered by Darras Financial Services is micro loan. These are small loans that also have an affordable interest rate. These loans are best used for small important things. You may need to buy university school books or pay rent deposit. Pay day loans are settled on your next salary date. You can enter into an agreement with Darras Financial Services as to when you can pay off a mini loan. It’s up to you whether it will be in one or two months.


  • Pay day loans easily accessed.
  • Flexible repayments on small loans.
  • Staff professional and offer assistance in application.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.


To qualify and receive a loan with the Darras Financial Services you need to meet a few requirements. The main two being age and work. You must be at least 18 years old and you must be working earning enough to settle the pay day loan. Your salary must be a minimum of R3 000 per month. You should be working full time and not part time. You must provide accurate information and you will need the following documents for application:

  • A working cell phone number
  • A South African Identity Document (Book or Card)
  • Bank account where your salary is deposited into
  • Produce last three months bank statements
  • Produce the Latest pay slips
  • Produce a proof of residential address

All information you provide is secured. Your application will be processed and in record time you will have your loan. Darras Financial Services is located in Witfield Boksburg. You can visit them with all the mentioned documents. Getting a loan is fast and you won’t have to wait all day. You will be attended to immediately.


For more information you can call Darras Financial Services from 9 am to 5 pm. All your questions will be answered. Alternatively you can just go to the shop.


207 Wilreen Smaats Street Witfield BOKSBURG 1459

Telephone Number : 073 234 8290

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