Saving yourself with Debt Rescue

Financial distress has become a more common occurrence which has possibly being exacerbated by South Africa’s struggling economy in conjunction to the knock on effects of an ongoing pandemic. Debt cannot be viewed as an indignity as such an attitude shall not alleviate the already startling number of those currently affected. Debt Rescue aims at assisting their clients in shedding over-indebtedness and becoming debt free. By consolidating your debt you will can benefit from; reducing your monthly debt repayments, covering all of your living expenses, protect yourself against legal action and enjoy almost immediate relief.

How does Debt Rescue work

The team at Debt Rescue comprises of debt counsellor, attorneys, accountants and bankers. This collaboration of expertise enables them to continue to provide the best customer service within their industry. The debt review process is complex and hence, it is vital that a thorough understanding is made available. For this reason, Debt Rescue has prioritize the importance of communicating with their current and prospective clientele in nine of South Africa’s official languages. More so, have the confidence that your application and information will be handled with the greatest degree of confidentiality throughout the entire process.

The success of the debt management process is aligned to Debt Rescue’s aim of providing you immediate relief whilst reducing your monthly repayments. This is achieved chiefly through the well-established relationships between Debt Rescue and several credit providers – ultimately enabling Debt Rescue to negotiation for better repayment plans on your behalf.

Just follow their five step plan:

  • Complete the online debt assessment form and provide details of your financial situation
  • A dedicated debt counsellor will contact you and determine your income to expenses ratio
  • If required, you’ll be offered immediate protection from your creditors by being placed under debt review. All credit providers and bureaus will be notified, so no need to worry.
  • Debt Rescue will enter into discussions with your creditor regarding a negotiated payment plan. This is encompass a reduced single payment that you will be able to afford.
  • The entire process will be finalized as specialized attorneys apply to the courts to have your restructured repayments official via a court order.

Debt Rescue contact details

And that’s it. You’re on your way to regaining your piece of mind.

All rates are regulated in terms of the rules set out by the National Credit Regulator, visit for more information.

Take advantage of their affordability and accessibility regardless of where you live in South Africa. Get a free online assessment and check out our calculator. Alternatively, you can contact Debt Rescue via 010 040 7933 or Consultations can also be arranged via Zoom on request.

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