SASSA Easypay Green Card

The Easypay Green Card is linked to Moneyline, a lending company that is a subsidiary of Net 1 along with CPS.
There has been much confusion related the Easypay Green Card and its connection to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The governmental agency has been vocal about clarifying its distancing from activities associated with the financial facility.
The Easypay account is a loan service.
SASSA does not offer loan services to its grant beneficiaries.

What led to the confusion about the Easypay Green Card?

A number of SASSA pension grant beneficiaries have been swindled into applying for this loan service. Having been given the impression that the card has the same functions as that of the SASSA card, many individuals have found themselves liable for loan payments.
Some have reported being told that their grant would be available within 72 hours of receipt of the Easypay Green Card. This is not the case, as SASSA has vehemently denied any association with the Easypay Green Card.
If individuals need to apply for SASSA benefits, they simply need to visit their nearest SASSA office. They need to bring their ID along and they must complete a banking request form for the grant to be paid into the verified SASSA card or alternate valid bank account.
In recent months, investigations by investigative media publication Ground Up have exposed that CPS agents have been interfering with the process of swapping old SASSA cards for new Postbank cards. They have also revealed the corruption of the officials who have taken loans off social grants, an act which is illegal.
As an entity that values respect for human rights, transparency, equity and integrity, SASSA strives to ensure that its beneficiaries receive what is due to them.
The Easypay Green Card is a loan option for individuals who can afford to repay the loans. much unlike the grant beneficiaries signed up with SASSA.

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