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As time progresses so does your life. Change in circumstance, environment and stages of life are integral to your development. This dynamism must also be coupled with careful consideration as to how you plan to protect yourself and your loved ones for both the present and future.

The team at Episodic Health functions at identifying, producing and offering insurance options to their clients that will assist them in making the best informed decision regarding their personal needs. Episodic Health is an underwriting management agency offering affordable and flexible choices catering to your health and life. You choose the level the cover you want without the unnecessary restrictions and they will refine their health and wealth products in accordance to your life.

As daunting as it may be to ponder on the possible unpleasantries of life, it is necessary to prepare. However, knowing who to trust to times of vulnerability is never easy. Episodic Health prides themselves on ensuring the utmost level of transparency and honesty when it comes to their service as they are aware of the trust you have bestowed unto them to care for you when you need it most.

With extensive experience in the medical and life insurance industry, Episodic Health is confident in their ability to provide you with the products and services; and in turn, that much wanted assurance.

Visit Episodic and build a quote today and subscribe on any of the following health insurance offerings:

Day-to-day benefits that includes: GP and specialists visits, dentistry, optometry, medication and testing (pathology & radiology). All this from only R397 per month.

Accidents and emergencies – starting from only R165 per month, this cover can be selected on one of three levels and can be extended to family members as well. This cover will encompass hospitalization due to accidents, emergency casualty, as well as permanent disability.

Hospital cover at any hospital (public and private) for a variety of circumstances from illness to intensive care; as well as dread disease cover and maternity treatment. You and your family will be covered in the most serious of times from as little as R58 per month.

Funeral insurance which covers you, your spouse and your children from only R26 per month. The proceeds are payable in 48 hours and have immediate cover in the event of an accident.

Episodic Health has a comprehensive network with the likes of: Busamed, NetCare, Mediclinic, Life hospital group, Spec-Savers and all major pharmacies. This will enable you to get what you need, when you need it no matter where you might find yourself.

So, are you in search of unique solutions tailored to your individual needs? Contact Episodic today at info@episodic.co.za or telephonically at +27210012490. You can also follow them on Facebook and Linkedin for live information and content.

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