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FNB eWallet is a service offered by FNB to send cash or receive cash via cellphones. It is very secured, instantaneous and easily accessible across the country at any FNB ATM machine. FNB eWallet is designed for quick financial cash send services or withdrawal transactions between individuals. The receiver does not need to have to open a bank account or bank with FNB. The receiver of the cash will not be subject to bank charges on withdrawals, making it easy to send the exact required amount.

About – How does FNB eWallet work?

To use the facility all that is required is that you have an FNB account. The first step is to enter the cellphone number of the person the cash is going to. The recipient will be notified by SMS with an FNB number to call. The receiver will then call the FNB number; *120*277# when they are at the FNB ATM machine. They will be given a list of options. Then they will press an option 1 for “Get Money”, FNB eWallet will send the recipient an SMS with a secret pin code which has a 30 minutes time frame before it expires. The recipient will key in the code and withdraw the deposit.

FNB eWallet One Time Pin or (OTP) is another new innovative method. It allows for the sender of cash to transfer. The receiver does not have to call FNB to get a pin for cash withdrawal. This option of OTP allows for the recipient of the cash to have access to the secured Pin without airtime. The sender will enter the cellphone number of the recipient. The recipient will be sent a pin. With this option the recipient can go to any FNB ATM machine. The recipient will press on the FNB eWallet tab. Enter their cellphone number and the pin code. The last step will be to choose the amount for withdrawal. The transaction is simple and easy. There are no extra fees charged on the recipient of the cash.

FNB eWallet was first positioned for the South African public. However the need to send cash across the border has grown over the years and eWallet facilities have been developed to cater for this. FNB eWallet now reaches and covers customers in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia.  FNB eWallet CEO reports that the transactions are more than R1 billion every month and there is a significant growth year on year.

FNB eWallet Pro is a cash send transaction designed for businesses. It has seen growth and success in the sectors agriculture, construction, health, insurance and education.
fnb ewallet - how to
The maximum limit on the amount you can send using FNB eWallet for online is R3 000. For cellphone banking the limit is R1 500. The FNB banking APP is capped at R3 000 and cash sent through ATM has a limit of R1 500. When cash is sent to someone wrong you can quickly contact the FNB call center on 087 575 9405. Inform them on the error you made and the transaction will be canceled. It is important to note that you will be charged for this.

To get more details on how FNB eWallet operates feel free to visit FNB website on www.fnb.co.za.

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