FNB MoneyGram

FNB MoneyGram is an international money transfer platform offered by FNB. It caters for transferring of funds to anyone outside the boarders of South Africa. The platform is safe, secure and its services are quick. 10 minutes is all it takes to send money after the deposit. The recipient does not need to have to open a FNB bank account or even bank with FNB. The platform allows individuals to choose the type of currency they want to send. When the transaction is complete, the recipient will then be informed by sms. MoneyGram services can be easily accessed on one of many FNB ATM machines, internet banking, cell phone banking, even by the FNB App.

About – Benefits of sending money with FNB MoneyGram

The FNB MoneyGram is a well-established money service offering convenience. It is a very reliable platform and easy method to transfer money to anyone not living within South Africa boarders. The services vey are fast.  The transfer happens the very same day.

FNB MoneyGram offers the following:
Ease of use – The method is designed to be easy. First time users, they will find it user friendly. The process is form free, meaning there is no need to fill forms. What is required is that you have an active FNB account with enough money that you want to transfer using the platform. Have details about the recipient. With this you will key in their details for the transaction to be complete.

Quick and Safe – The platform has international safety levels which are very high. The sender does not have to worry about failure of systems. The money that is sent usually registers to the recipient in about 10 minutes.  For extra security you can send the message of verification.

Accessibility – MoneyGram has more than 350 000 centers internationally and over 200 countries. Access to these facilities makes it very convenient to send money. FNB has this platform also on its FNB ATM machines available for use. You can transact using FNB cell phone banking, or FNB internet banking.

Affordable – It is cost effective to use the platform. The charges and fees are very low and won’t eat into the cash you are sending anywhere in the world.

FNB MoneyGram Transaction Requirements

Anyone banking with FNB can use this facility. However if you don’t have a FNB bank account you will have to open one and then transact. You will be required to have the name and surname of the recipient, the country to which the money is going to. Alternatively as a FNB bank account holder you can use online banking. All you will have to do is to type in the full name of the recipient and the amount you want to transfer.

FNB MoneyGram Contact Details

Website: www.fnb.co.za

For more information on how the FNB MoneyGram works. You can go to the website and familiarize yourself with the method of sending cash. Alternatively you may want to go to any FNB branch. Their consultants will be happy to assist you.

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