Highest paying jobs in South Africa 2023

Due to the rapid development of our global society, certain occupations have become obsolete while others have gained in importance and demand. Many traditional vocations have been made obsolete by technological progress, highlighting the importance of keeping one’s skills and knowledge up to date.

South Africa has one of Africa’s strongest economies, ranking above several of its fellow developed African nations. Some of the top paid positions in the country pay relatively little, yet it provides opportunities for those with and without degrees.

Knowing which careers in South Africa pay the most can help you make more educated decisions regarding your professional future.

There is a list here of the top 20 highest paid jobs, and the order is irrelevant. Experience, skills, and credentials may all play a role in determining salary.

Group/Regional CFO

CFOs at the group/regional level are killing it. They earn more than any other occupation in the world. Their major responsibility is to work closely with the president in all regional strategy meetings, goal-setting, and change-making.

They pull about R5 million a year in pay.

VP of Supply Chain – Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chain vice presidents play a significant role in the smooth operation of a company, since they are in charge of overseeing the most critical facets of the supply chain.

They pull in R3.8 million per year in income.

VP HR / Chief HR Officer

The role of the chief human resources officer (CHRO) is to direct an organization’s HRM and IR strategies, methods, and procedures.

They pull in around R3.2 million per year in salaries.

Finance Director

Financial reporting, budgeting, disbursing cash to departments, risk management, policy implementation, and process improvement are all tasks that fall within the purview of the Finance Director.

They take home R3.5 million a year in salary.

Software Engineer

Those skilled in software engineering (particularly Java, C#, iOS, Android, and PHP) are in high demand across the world. They use software engineering practices to create, test, and improve computer programs.

Commonly, these professionals hold advanced degrees in areas like Computer Science and/or Programming. Particular software engineer abilities may be acquired online through means such as online classes and videos found on YouTube.

An average salary for a software engineer is R1.2 million.

VP of Procurement

The VP of procurement coordinates with other executives and heads up a centralized team responsible for direct and indirect sourcing as well as procurement. They are responsible for steering the procurement process so that departments and partners may get the most out of their vendor relationships.

In this position, the annual salary is R2.8 million.

Specialist Doctor

Specialists in the medical field in South Africa receive a secure salary from both the public and private sectors. They are experts in their respective medical fields and possess exceptional knowledge and training. Cardiology, gynecology, dentistry, neurology, and the whole staff in charge of infectious illness and prevention may fall into this category.

Specialist doctors like Cardiologists make a lot of money since becoming one is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Specialist doctors might make anything from R476 000 to R616 000 per year, depending on their field and experience.


Lawyers are constantly in demand in the corporate world because of the guidance and insight they provide in legal matters.

Beginning salaries for lawyers in South Africa range from R643,440 per year to R655,000 per year.

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a licensed expert who helps companies maximize profits while adhering to all applicable requirements. Their services include auditing accounts, giving financial counseling, and supplying customers with financial documents.

To become a certified public accountant (CPA) in South Africa, you must earn either a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from an institution approved by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). Moreover, you will need to take and pass the CA(SA) professional exams.

The path may be challenging, but the payoff for perseverance is worthwhile. The average compensation for a CA at the mid-career level is R605,000 per year, whereas the average salary for a CA just starting out is R489,000.


An actuary is a professional who uses mathematics to assess the likelihood and potential damage of unanticipated events. In spite of the fact that becoming fully qualified might take up to 9 years, the field of actuarial science is in great demand due to the national lack of actuaries.

Asset and liability management experience as well as commercial acumen and analytical prowess are all necessary qualifications for this position.

Actuaries with more experience may expect to earn a salary of around R920 000p/a, with entry-level actuaries receiving an average salary of R597 000p/a.


A CPL license and a minimum of 200 hours of flight experience are required to qualify as a Pilot, making this career more expensive and time-consuming to enter.

Pilots get paid differently according on the airline they work for, the type of planes they fly, and the credentials they possess. In South Africa, a commercial pilot may expect to make R690 000 per year.

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