Highest paying jobs in South Africa 2019

highest paying jobs in sa

Highest paying jobs in South Africa 2019

Top 10 high paying jobs

Everyone wants to earn a high salary and there are a lot of high paying jobs out there. We’ve all heard of people who earn high salaries and the types of lives they lead can be one to envy. Well there is actually no need to envy anyone because you too can get yourself prepped and ready for a high earning job. We have compiled a list of the most paying jobs across the 10 chief employment sectors of South Africa. These represent the package you can expect to earn at intermediate, senior and management level.

This salary indicator is created exclusively for the South African market for all those who are looking for jobs or for anyone who is looking to see which course to study at a tertiary institution according to their desired package. The Human Resource recruitment industry has given an accurate illustration of cost to company salary packages. The report consists of up to date information regarding salary expectation for the period between December 2017 and May 2018. It is important to note that the following list does not have lawyers and doctors included in it.

Highest paying jobs 2019
Highest paying jobs 2019

From the report below you will see that engineering has the highest salary offering in the country with the highest earners being those in the environmental engineering sector who take home an average salary of R75 941 on a month to month basis making that a whopping R911 292 per annum. If you want to study engineering it might be a great idea for you to consider environmental engineering. You’ll be saving the environment while earning an amazing salary that will sure assist you in climbing you way up to riches.

The report also indicates that senior managers across different sectors also enjoy a great salary package. Senior financial managers can earn a good R67 653 on a monthly basis adding up to a massive R811 836 per annum with senior IT managers making an average of R68 281 per month which adds up to R819 372 per annum.

This is what you can expect to earn from the top 10 most paying jobs in South Africa across different sectors:

Environmental engineer R75 941 R911 292
Civil engineer R74 779 R897 348
Structural engineer R71 377 R856 524
IT management R68 281 R819 372
Financial management R67 653 R811 836
Plant manager R62 188 R746 256
Chartered accountant R60 795 R729 540
Quantity surveying R60 227 R120 454
Electrical engineer R59 792 R717 504
Technical and business architect R58 981 R707 772

Looking at the above chart proves that in order to make a great income from a specific profession; you must consider a profession that has a shortage of skills in the country and that would be engineering followed by IT and senior management. You can always work your way up the corporate ladder and reach the senior management role where you can enjoy a great package yourself and have a lifestyle that is easy on the wallet with little financial stress depending on how you handle your finances of course. Always remember to be responsible with your finances and they will in turn take care of you!

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