How to get MTN Xtra Time

MTN Xtra Time has been created to allow its prepaid customers have access to minutes when out of airtime. The service is determined by how long and loyal you have been with the network provider and how much you recharge on a monthly basis. With MTN Xtra Time you can have airtime worth R50. The service fee for Xtra Time access is R1.00.

Out of airtime and using MTN? No problem, you are covered. MTN Xtra Time is simple to use and easy to follow.

  • Just dial *136*2# and choose opting ‘Xtra Time’ and then follow the prompts.

If you do not want to use the airtime for calling, you can convert it into data.

  • Just dial *136*6# and follow the prompts

How To Qualify for MTN Xtra Time

You must be a Pay As You Go and MTN Top Up subscriber to be in a position to qualify for the service. The customers can access airtime and use the next airtime voucher to pay the used airtime. Other factors include the how often you recharge, the usage of monthly airtime, and age of network.

When using the service its important you recharge sooner than 3 months or sooner to pay back the airtime you used for Xtra Time. The criteria of how well you repay the service will determine your continued usage of it with little limitation. If you fail to recharge within the given time period you will be restricted from using the service until the sim card is deactivated.

Please note that airtime advance cannot be canceled. It’s important you enter the amount value of airtime you need or want. Once you have made requested the airtime and received it, you will be notified by sms, and this will continuously go on when using the service, to keep you up to date with the balance of your airtime.

Small deductions are made when you recharge when you do not have the full amount to settle the usage of the MNT Xtra time airtime. Meaning your airtime will go to pay the service till you fully settle it. Full deductions can only happen when you put in the amount equal or more to what you owe the service in airtime.

Prepaid airtime can be limiting in that it runs out, especially when needed. The bulk of South Africans do not have monthly postpaid contracts but depend on prepaid airtime. The idea of running of talking units in challenging circumstances can be unforeseen and unfortunate. Not everyone has easy access to airtime when sales points are closed; shops usually end their business day at 18h00. The only place to get airtime can be a service station for patrol and these are not easily available, they can be located for and in between. What to do when you need airtime for a difficult situation or just to nourish your soul and talk with a distant loved one or a family member? The idea that something as simple as a voucher can stop conversations is real. MTN Xtra is a perfect solution meant for such moments.


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