How to use FNB Money Transfer

FNB Money Transfer is a service. It makes it possible for foreign nationals of Mozambique and Zimbabwe working within the South Africa boarder to send cash to their families across the border. The regions outside South Africa have been confronted with difficulties in times past. FNB understands the importance of maintaining contact with family and help out financially.
FNB Money transfer is a platform designed to fill this gap in the market. It is quick, safe and reliable. The benefit of using this service is that the recipient does not have to open an FNB bank account. Once the money is transferred the recipient can collect the cash at an accredited money transfer outlet. The safety standards of Money Transfer are high. You do not have to worry about the cash getting into wrong hands. The steps of verification are thorough.

How FNB Money Transfer Works

The FNB Money Transfer platform is available to individuals that bank with First National Bank. To use the service you must have a transaction account and have cell phone banking App, online banking or the FNB banking App. Any one of the above listed transnational instrument will be required when sending money to Mozambique or Zimbabwe.

Cell Phone banking – When using cell phone banking for FNB money Transfer you dial *120*321# and you will be given options for input to send the cash.

Internet banking – If you prefer to use internet banking you will have to go online and open your online banking account. Click on the tab “Send Money”. On the tab you will have option for the country you want to send money to (Mozambique or Zimbabwe). Then you will type in the full name, cell phone number and Identity Document number of the recipient. Lastly make an input of the amount of money you are sending.

Once the money transfer is done recipient does not have to wait for hours or days.  The service is instant. The recipient can then go to any FNB branch in Mozambique or any FNB accredited retail outlet. In Zimbabwe the accredited outlet includes OK retail shops. The recipient must have their ID and voucher reference number, the amount that was sent and the transfer code. Then they can collect their money. If the money is not collected within 14 days the transaction will be reversed. The sender will have their money back to their FNB account.


  • Money Transfer platform to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.


  • Fast, easy and safe
  • Recipient does not need to have a bank account

FNB Money Transfer Contact Details

Tel: 087 575 0000

To get more information and the method of sending money to Mozambique or Zimbabwe using the  FNB Money Transfer facility you can go online and visit the FNB website. You will find more details on the site. Alternatively you can visit any FNB branch and request more information .Their consultants will be more than willing to assist you. Another option you have is to call the call center number.

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