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A loan in this day and age is very common and that’s because it can be used to get you out of a financial crisis. There are some things that are just too expensive to be bought through cash like vehicles and houses. Some may be able to afford buying large assets using cash but most people simply do not make enough money to buy their first home or car in hard cash and because of this people will always be looking for the means to finance these things through loans or some form of credit. In 2 Loans knows that you may not necessarily be looking for a large loan to finance the acquisition of assets; perhaps you need a loan to meet your financial obligations or to make it through the month; whatever your needs are you can trust In 2 Loans to provide you with a financial solution to your needs.

About In 2 Loans

In 2 Loans is a financial services provider that offers people all across South Africa with short term loans. The company has partnered with a number of credit providers to create a solid network of financial facilities ready and waiting to service clients. The company works as your middleman between you and the network of lenders. When you apply for a loan the application will go to a number of lenders who will then get back to you. You have the final say in the decision that you make of choosing the lender that best suits your financial needs.

A short term loan is a loan that is payable within 12 months or less and it usually consists of a small to medium sum of money. This type of loan is ideal for making it through the month or for something that needs urgent financial attention like an unforeseen medical issue that needs immediate attention or perhaps you need to help out with wedding preparations for a family member. Whatever the case is this loan is perfect to fix a small emergency or carry you through the month without seeking the services of a loan shark.

The best part about In 2 Loans is that they offer loans to blacklisted clients. So you can still apply for a loan even if you have a bad credit record. You will be granted a loan based on your affordability and not on your credit profile. It can be almost impossible to get a loan when you are blacklisted but not with In 2 Loans.

In 2 Loans services

  • Short term loans
  • Blacklisted loans


  • Quick and easy online application
  • Registered with the NCR
  • Confidentiality of your documentation and information
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Money will be deposited into your bank account upon approval

In 2 Loans requirements

  • South African ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Recent payslip
  • 3 months bank statement
  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • Be in the possession of a South African Bank account
  • Be permanently employed by the same employer for 3 months or more

In 2 Loans contact details

Address: Farm on R45, Vrendenburg,

Tel: 074 123 8235

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