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Running a successful business requires that you be proactive in your approach to marketing your product and services in the most appealing way possible. By definition, a marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into loyal customers of their products or services. A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements. A thorough marketing strategy covers “the four Ps” of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion.

Marketing has evolved dramatically from its widespread introduction but has remained turbulent since its inception. Many organizations continue to hire executive-level marketing managers who incorporate marketing philosophy and practice into companies; however, this might not be sufficient enough to achieve the desired results. A great marketing strategy is pivotal to the realization of business success. In the absence of an effective marketing strategy, a business will find itself without direction and will evitable fail in achieving its desired goals and objectives.

Jeanie Britz
Jeanie Britz

For this reason, Jeanie Britz established JB Strategy Maker in October 2019 with the purpose of providing a comprehensive alternative to help individuals and businesses grow via her servant leadership approach. A marketing strategy will detail the advertising, outreach, and PR campaigns to be carried out by a firm, including how the company will measure the effect of these initiatives. With experience of more than 25 years in sales and marketing, five years in digital marketing, and 15 years as an entrepreneur – Jeanie Britz can offer you services unlike that previously available. With the vision of helping shape the appropriate growth strategies – you can look forward to higher profitability, higher productivity and improved communications across the functions in your business.  

During her time as the National Group Marketing Manager of two primary day hospital groups in South Africa, Jeanie Britz, has extensive experience in the marketing sector. Marketing in the health care sector for example, was generally enigmatic and often oversimplified. The health care sector should be marketed accordingly due to its niched environment. The marketing of healthcare services differs primarily through the nature of the demand for health services. Healthcare services also differ where the product can be very complex and may not be easily conceptualized. Many of the procedures used in healthcare, especially those based on technology, are complicated and difficult to explain to a person who is not specialized in that particular field. Therefore, it is vital to partner with industry specialists who understand the intricacies of this sector. Previously many senior executives thought they understood the concepts but failed to successfully implement the necessary marketing concepts as they may have never really made the organizational, operational, and financial commitment. In light of this JB Strategy Maker is perfectly positioned as its founder became interested in drafting and executing business strategies to help individuals and businesses – an approach that favours all potential clients.

When not handled appropriately, marketing does not always translate well from the traditional product and service marketing dependent on the respective industry (e.g., advertising and sales). This is partly due to the oversimplification of specific terminology such as “selling” or “advertising”. When marketing was first implemented, it seemed to be practised at great heights within the organization, but department-level manager involvement was often limited, which compounded its lack of acceptance. Jeanie Britz, however, has an appreciation for this fact during her time as the National Sales and Marketing Manager of a multi-national company based in India.

Other challenges often faced in industry-specific marketing are organizational acceptance and the expenses of comprehensive marketing efforts. The resources needed to research, design, develop, and manage a comprehensive marketing program were often inadequate and compounded by a lack of measuring its return on investment. In turn, JB Strategy Maker offers the following services:

  • Develop cutting edge marketing strategies
  • Design contemporary marketing campaigns
  • Create an aligned marketing plan
  • Audit digital marketing optimization in companies
  • Manage all social media platforms

Marketing is not a standalone, one-off activity. It comprises several necessary components throughout every stage of a business’s endeavours – from long before a converted sale to building a lifelong relationship with your ideal customer. The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to achieve and communicate a sustainable competitive advantage over rival companies by understanding the needs and wants of its consumers. The marketing landscape has changed into a multi-facet whirlpool of platforms and options to pursue. The more you flinch from it, the more your business might be losing its competitive edge.

If it is the objective of you and your business to achieve:

  • business growth through competitive strategies,
  • personal growth through business coaching sessions,
  • developing staff with sales and marketing training,
  • growth and alignment of your digital footprint;

Then you should visit the website of JB Maker Strategy at and complete an online inquiry. They are also contactable via YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook.

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