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If you know what you want in terms of your finances and want help achieving it, it’s worth considering an industry leader such as Investec. Since 1974 Investec has provided services geared towards profit-generating solutions for their clients. Listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and operating across three continents; they provide finance solutions for virtually any purchase. Their expertise is in asset finance, vehicle finance, finance for professional equipment, and specialized finance for the purpose of investing.

Investec Services

Investec can assist you finance the purchase of any assets which you may require whether they’re for your personal use or for your business. All you need to do is let them know exactly what you want and what resources you need to achieve your goal, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Investec car finance

For example, the purchase of a vehicle is a significant phase in the life of any individual or company and is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make. In order to avoid costly mistakes, Investec can ensure you get finance which matches your needs and your current budget. Another unique feature of Investec’s car finance is that it can be used as a flexible credit facility. Deposit and withdraw funds at any time after you set a credit limit. This enables you to repay the loan more quickly and save on interest and fees.

By investing in a vehicle with Investec you’re able to access a flexible credit facility that is affordable and tailored for motor financing. Get up to R200000 towards the car of your dreams or the vehicle ideal in catering to the demands of your business and have up to 60 months to repayment the overall loan amount. The amount of finance available is virtually unlimited as long as one has the capacity to meet the monthly repayments. The organisation caters to both individual buyers and companies of various sizes. You can readily purchase a fleet of transport vehicles with an Investec loan. When it comes to affordability, Investec offers highly competitive interest rates on vehicle loans, especially to long-term clients. The unique features of the loans assists you, the client, to save money in several manners. There are special rewards available to borrowers as well as other unique deals and offers for those with poorer credit ratings. Therefore, Investec truly attempts to cater to the largest clientele group possible.

Benefits of Investec

Investec is internationally recognized for its expertise and having many satisfied clients across the globe. Take assurance when dealing with Investec and have complete confidence in their products and subsequent services as have countless other clients. Furthermore, Investec boasts unique features unavailable to many other vehicle finance products within South Africa.

The company offers a structured repayment plan which is individually developed for each client. This plan is designed to minimize the tax payable and maximizes your cash flow. As such, Investec trumps its competitors as a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for both businesses and individuals. Visit their website for further insights and also make use their free online calculator.

Trust an organisation that is globally competitive with almost 50 years of experience to guarantee you get what you need and with the necessary security and guarantees. Investec has been providing banking and asset management services to South Africans since 1974. They’ve been catering to the needs of both individual customers and businesses when they need a business loan to purchase a vehicle. Get in touch with an Investec consultant to discuss your personal loan needs in detail or visit their website to find out more.


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