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Isidingo Financial Services works to satisfy credit needs that you have. When money seems not to cover all in a crisis and your expectations are bashed. You need not stress, you will be helped.


Isidingo Financial Services is a registered credit provider with business offices in Pretoria. Its quickly becoming one of popular credit facilities in the city. When you need cash quickly because of circumstances happened that where outside your control. You can trust Isidingo Financial Services to come to your aid. Everyone in the staff is well trained to handle finances and will help with any questions you may have in relation to getting a loan. Dont feel shy to ask questions if you are seeking a loan for the first time.


Isidingo Financial Services offers credit from R500 to R2 500. You can request the loan as a pay day loan. Another option is to request the loan as a small short term loan. Loans for short them also starts from R500 to R2 500. Interest charged on the loan is competitive. You won’t have to dig deep in your pockets to pay the loan with interest. Everything in life seems to have a price. It’s no secret that when a bad time comes it may need money. Cash that you may not have. Getting a small loan can be handy, you don’t have to struggle. Small loans can go long way to sorting out problems in your life.


  • Easy application
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Approvals within the same day – no waiting all day.
  • Interest rates are affordability.
  • Registered by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).


To qualify for Isidingo Financial Services loan you need to be employed and have enough to pay back the loan. You must be 18 years or older. You must be a South African citizen. All applications go through checks. You need the following documents for evaluation:

  • You must have a South African Identity Document book or card.
  • Working Cellphone number.
  • You must produce proof of Residential Address not older than 3 months.
  • You must produce pay slips.
  • You must have a valid bank account.

Your information will be treated with the highest confidentiality. Meaning your details will be handled in a confidential and professional manner. When the checking process is done and you are approved. The loan money you requested will be put into your bank account immediately. Small loans may be called small but they can make a big difference in your life. Just putting patrol in your car and be able to go to work every day is not something small. The loan can be used for this purpose when you have used up your entire monthly budget on an emergency. There are little limits to what money can do in this fast paced life.


For more information you can visit Isidingo Financial Services in Pretoria. When you want a loan bring all your documents.


4th Floor, Sunnypark Shopping Centre
Cnr Steve Biko & Robert Sobukwe Streets

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