Jag Loans is a cash loans provider offering approved clients fast payouts and simple access to cash when needed.

What Jag Loans has to offer:

South Africans are fortunate to have access to numerous financial services providers. In addition to traditional institutions like banks, they now also have options brought to them by various other registered credit providers. Some loan offers come with strict requirements on how the finance can be spent.
Car, home improvement loans as well as mortgages are some examples of loans that specify how money is to be spent. Jag Loans has no such limits however. Borrowers are free to use the loan however they choose.

No collateral

The loans provided by this lender are unsecured, so no collateral is necessary for the application to be processed. As long as applicants are able to prove their affordability, then they are more likely to have a positive response.

Minimal documentation

For many people, the thought of applying for a loan often conjures up a sense of dread, just thinking about all of the paperwork that they have to compile. Fortunately, there is minimal documentation required from Jag Loans. This makes the application process even faster.

Fast payouts

In the past, loan applicants had to wait a number of days for their application to be processed. This process also meant that it took quite a while before they could access the money they needed so urgently. Fortunately, technology has eliminated this problem and applications are assessed much faster. This means that as soon as the loan has been approved, individuals are more likely to receive payouts in their account within 24 hours or immediately in some cases.

For more information about flexible loan terms from Jag Loans, give them a call on 031 727 4188 or visit them here:

94 Hope Street



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