Journalist Salary in South Africa 2019

Ambition to tell a story is one of the most fundamental truths that knit us all into humanity. Everyone is hard wired to keep abreast with the daily change in the environment they live in. From politics to ordinary news to the latest fashion trend. Journalism has been developed over the years and has been perfected to offer content to communities. The career is a proper professional pursuit. World events have been changed through the medium of communication and you will find journalists at the forefront of these events.

The injustice acts that are under the dark and a journalist expose them. This inspires many to pursue journalism. To bring justice to an unjust system or people. There are many reasons why you can choose this as a career option.

What is the role of a journalist?

Journalism is a career option and it has many branches to it. Some of include the following: business, health, lifestyles, politics, current affairs, IT, motoring and the list goes on.

Journalist job description is to write on the subject matter. They usually do research on stories and collect information on the subject they are dealing with. Then write the story or article to inform the public. Their articles get published online, newspapers or magazine. The stories are also read out live on air on radio and television broadcast. Online news usually publishes articles almost every hour to keep their audience up to date with current affairs. Journalists must be capable of capturing the imagination of the reader.

According to Payscale, here are the tasks of a journalist:

  • Do interviews, investigate and observe details on the subject matter. Collect and interpret facts.
  • Work with news editor and reporters to generate new content.
  • Review and edit copy.
  • Report and write stories for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or the internet.

Journalist Salary in 2018

This is an approximation by Indeed, the basic salary for a journalist is R9 728 per month. 73 submissions were submitted on the recruiter website and the estimation is based on this information.
Payscale estimate journalist salaries vary in numbers from R59 057 to R311 792 per year. The high end salaries are usually for veteran journalists.

On the basic salary Payscale calculated that a journalist makes about R124 376 per year, this amount divided by 12 months adds up to R10 364 per month.

Small salary and supplement income

The salary of R10 364 per month is very minimal. To sustain the modern lifestyle is near impossible on this amount every month. Just school fees at a good school will set you back about R5 000 per month. That is half the salary gone, excluding monthly expenses such as transport, rent or bond, groceries and entertainment.  Because of this, journalists have to work as freelancers. Mostly work through the concept of passive income.

Journalism will not take care of your financial needs, if you have a passion for it, it is best you also have alternative means of supplementing your monthly income. Here are a few ways to earn through ideas for passive income.


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