Kanga Finance: Home improvement loans

Kanga Finance is a supplier of developmental credit who offers loans to those looking to construct, repair, or upgrade their homes. LENDCOR has been serving the credit needs of South African building merchants’ consumers for over 24 years.

Kanga Finance and PEP stores

By forming a strategic alliance with PEP shops, Kanga Finance has expanded its national distribution network and made financing for construction materials available to a wider range of South Africans. Kanga Finance is now available in more than 2,700 places across South Africa thanks to our current network of building merchant partners.

Genfin’s financial arm is called Kanga Finance. Holding firm Genfin operates a number of cutting-edge specialized loan businesses in the UK and SA.

Details of Kanga Finance product offerings:

Kanga Financial Services provides two types of construction financing:

Simple Mortgage for Construction
Up to R75,000.
You have 36 months to make your payments.
The SASSA Pensioner Building Loan.
Up to R4,000.
One can spread out their payments over 18 months.
Once a Building Loan is approved, the funds are sent to the contractor’s business account, with up to 30 percent going straight to the client to cover the cost of labor and other building-related charges.

Kanga Finance payment terms:

Permanently Employed Sector

Total loan amount R10 000 R30 000 R50 000 R75 000
Repayment Term 18 Months 24 Months 36 Months 36 Months
What You Pay (monthly) R895 R1 952 R2 384 R3 477
Fixed Interest Rate 32.25% 32.25% 32.25% 32.25%
Initiation Fee (Incl VAT) R1 668 R2 990 R2 990 R2 990
Monthly Service Fee (Incl VAT) R69 R69 R69 R69

SASSA Pensioner

Total loan amount R2 500 R3 000 R3 500 R4 000
Repayment Term 18 Months 18 Months 18 Months 18 Months
What You Pay (monthly) R262 R301 R341 R381
Fixed Interest Rate 26% 26% 26% 26%
Initiation Fee (Incl VAT) R431 R518 R604 R690
Monthly Service Fee (Incl VAT) R63.25 R63.25 R63.25 R63.25

Kanga Finance application methods and contact details:

Currently, applications may be submitted quickly and conveniently online.
Send an SMS containing “HOME and your NAME” to (30633 to receive a callback).
To reach a specialist, please dial 086 000 3030.
To obtain a Kanga Building Loan, simply inquire about it at your preferred hardware shop.

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