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Where Price is King! Renowned for its monthly decreases in car insurance premiums, is King Price Insurance a simple gimmick or a sincere innovator? We take a look at King Price Claims, Complaints and Emergency policy below. To learn more about a variety of Insurance companies in South Africa, visit our Insurance page.

About King Price

King Price Insurance is a privately owned, South African insurance company founded in 2012. Offering car insurance premiums that decrease every month with the value of the depreciated asset, King Prince has since grown to offer a wide variety of insurance products.  The insurer now offers Personal insurance such as Buildings and Home Contents Insurance, Business Insurance, and other more specialized forms such as Community, Agricultural and Engineering Insurance – even Cyber-security Insurance! The insurance company has seen its growth not limited to only the variety of offerings, but also in the number of clients they serve. Initial client growth stunned their competitors, taking them only 6 months to reach 10 000 clients!  Since then, after receiving ‘Best Overall Newcomer’ and ‘Best Short Term Insurer’ at the South African Service Awards in 2013, King Price Insurance has continued to be recognized by the industry. They have won ‘Best Data Quality in the Insurance Industry’ from the South African Credit and Risk Association in 2017, ‘Most Innovative Insurance Brand’ and ‘Fastest Growing Insurance Company in South Africa’ from the Dubai-based International Business Magazine Awards in 2019, among others.


According to the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance’s 2018 Annual Report, King Price Insurance was one of the worst performers in terms of client complaints over claim payouts. The Annual Report shows that the Ombudsman received 5.3 King Price complaints from clients per 1 000 claims submitted to the insurer, with the Ombud overturning approximately 17% of the initial decisions to reject the claims. Although worse than average results this year, it was reported in 2015 that King Price was in third place as far as the overturn rate was concerned. Gideon Galloway, founder and CEO of King Price had expressed the company’s intentions to “do even better…”, recognizing the overturn rate as an indication of the company’s fairness and willingness to assist every customer. Looking at the insurer’s value proposition and variety of growth, their industry recognition as a quality service provider, and focus on continual improvement; King Price is building an insurance empire of royal proportions!

King Price Contact details

To contact King Price for any inquiry and have an agent get back to you, just visit the King Price Contacts page here to fill in a short form. The address of their head office and contact details of their call centre and email addresses are available too.

King Price Emergency and Claims

In case of any King Price Emergency or to make King Price Claims call 0860 50 50 50 and follow the voice prompt (option 9 for emergency) – available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Remember to report an accident, theft or hi-jacking within 24 hours of the incident to both the police and the insurance company.  Also, do not accept liability nor offer settlement because the insurer will not be bound by your word without the completion of an investigation. If you are researching and comparing the affordability of the monthly premiums of different insurance policies, you can use our Finance Calculator here.

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