Lelapa Cash Loans

Are you in need of financial assistance? As a registered credit provider with operations based in Bethlehem, Free State, and a telephone number you can call during working hours – Lelapa Cash Loans can help you!
Learn more about their business and contacts below.

About Lelapa Cash Loans

Lelapa Cash Loans is a short-term loans credit provider which is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) of South Africa under the National Credit Act (NCA). Their registration number is NCRCP5908. This means that they have been authorized to provide short-term loans to you!

How they do this is by having office premises you can walk into and a telephone number you can call. Their contact details are provided at the end of this article.
Lelapa Cash Loans offers you a short-term loan of amount ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand Rands.

Should you be approved for a loan, the amount will be paid into your bank account almost immediately. Repayment of the loan can be completed within only a few months of the cash payout, depending on what you choose.

To be approved for the cash loan, all you will need is to apply by providing them with your South African ID document or card, your payslip and three months bank statements which show your address.
After your application, your eligibility for the cash loan will be reviewed.

Taken into account during this process will be your credit record and the affordability of loan repayments for you. Only a soft credit check (a summary of your overall credit history) will be performed.
None of your possessions, such as your house or vehicle, will be take as collateral (security for the loan). This means that should you be unable to maintain payments, you should not be immediately liable to lose your assets by repossession.

Cash loans offered by Lelapa can therefore help you pay off your end of the month expenses or make purchases. There are no limitations on how you use your cash!

Make Informed Financial Decisions

To make informed credit consumer decisions, you should consider the fact that short-term loans often have higher interest rates than those offered by a bank, although they are much easier to get approval for.

A good way to select the best option for you is to make comparisons with other short-term cash loan providers.
We make it easier for you here at CreditMoney with our Interest Calculator. And even more so by offering an online application for a cash loan.

Whichever choice you make, we can help you through it!

Lelapa Cash Loans Contact Details

Phone Number:
058 303 0522

Physical Address:
Shop 27A, Deco Mart Centre, Lindley Street, Cetral Business District, Bethlehem, 9701, Free State

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